Jessica had a fantastic visit with a very unique Chinese medicine doctor. He was able to non-verbally communicate with her body through a unique combination of muscle testing and mudras.

Of course, we’re asking how to support Jessica’s body to help her carry a baby to term.

The doctor said, “On a scale of 1 to 10, your thinking’s at 100.” And that (now, paraphrasing), combined with a lack of proper fuel (she surprisingly needs more carbs) is too exhausting when you’re pregnant.

Now Jessica’s a meditator, but we’ve both had a lot on our plates. And I’d say the same goes for me, I’ve been challenged with my energy this Spring as well. Maybe it was the tick bite or my first cold in years, but I’ve had a hard time recharging my batteries.

We ALL want more energy. We want to wake up feeling energized, work and play throughout the day, and come home WITHOUT having to collapse at night.

While marketing says it’s about having an energy bar, a Snickers, a 4-hour energy drink, or some caffeine, the truth is true energy does NOT come from a pill or anything we ingest.

It comes from plugging into Source – through daily meditation, something we are both re-doubling our efforts on, and it comes from plugging the leaks.

What are our energetic leaks? Not only is it the low energy food and drinks we ingest, but it’s the thoughts we ingest and the energy swirling in our minds that make up our leaks.

Watch what you’re focusing on. Is it positives or is it the NEWS – (what I call “Negative Worthless Stimulus”)? Are you engaged in uplifting, inspiring conversations, or ones that drag you down?

Do those you surround yourself with make you feel better, inspired and on fire, or do they make you feel worse about yourself and the world???

This is such an important question because in many ways, our answer comes down to our life view. To paraphrase Einstein, the most important question is whether we see the world as a friendly place or a hostile one.

If it’s friendly, then you’ll have more energy and resources to take on the day. And if it’s hostile, you’ll find yourself continuously more and more exhausted, as you try to build up the walls to protect yourself from the world.

Of course, you get to look at your self-talk as well. If you’re berating, chastising, or “shoulda-woulda-coulda-ing” yourself aka “shoulding all over yourself,” you’ll be exhausted no matter how much or how little you do or accomplish.

Lastly, and most importantly, you get to look at the deepest energetic leaks on the inside. This means sensing when you’re over-revving your motor, spinning on the inside, or feeling like your energy is flying all about.

Awareness is 50 percent of anything. Once you sense it, you can begin to throttle back. One way is to simply breathe into your over-revved motor and slow down the internal talk.

Second, you can exaggerate the over-revving, a tip shared from Anodea Judith on a recent show. Feel where the energy is swirling. Is it a headache and you feel your head might explode??? Is it your heart, with a stabbing pain, or your back, or anywhere else???

Focus all your attention and awareness there…Breathe deep and EXAGGERATE the feeling, making it grow larger and larger still until it pops and melts away.

This is what she calls CHARGE or the FORCE, and when we focus on the force and where it’s stuck in our bodies, we can control it rather than waste it…and by waste I mean we each have incredible, almost unlimited energy resources, once we gain awareness and learn how to harness it.

You can consider this “Internal Tai Chi.”

So I encourage you, look for the leaks in your life, particularly the internal, swirling energy vortexes. Find them, breathe into them, and let them go.

You’ll thank yourself for it…and honestly, that energy tends to barf out, one way or another, on those around you, and so everyone around you will thank you for it as well.

Even if they don’t know what you’re doing on the inside!

Have the most amazing, energy restoring, tank filling, battery recharging day ahead!

And Keep Shining Bright!!!!!

Michael, Jessica, the Kitties, and the hundreds of Hummingbirds, Orioles, Chickadees, and more that are now surrounding our house!!!