What a crazy month it’s been for us…miscarriage (really last month), tick fever, a mother-in-law with pneumonia, a bear at the house (boy did the kitties get scared!), fire alarms, a bush fire beneath the house, and the list goes on!

It’s been so crazy that it got us thinking…and that’s a great thing! We’ve been asking ourselves, what would happen if I got really sick or injured, or when Jessica’s pregnant again–how would we run things???

And it got us setting an intention for the year: by the end of 2019 we want the team and systems in place, so that if NEED be, the show will run on auto-pilot.

An intention is a powerful thing.

A funny things happens when you set an intention. You’re not just far more likely to achieve your goal, but to achieve OTHER goals as well.

For a focal point brings EVERYTHING into focus.

As the adage goes, “If you want something done, give it to a busy person.”

When you set an intention a series of events takes place.

First, you gain awareness over how you’re living or doing things (particularly around your intention). And awareness is 50% of everything

Second, you put your intention in your heart, which helps ideas to pop! Just setting your intention makes it far more likely you’ll wake with a powerful dream or an idea in the shower, a eureka moment where you go, “That’s it!!!”

Third, you begin to rally the troops of your mind, asking how you can achieve your goal. For if the heart has an idea, the mind will find a way to get you there!

Fourth, you begin to resonate at the frequency of your intention. What does this mean? It means you begin to attract into your life the people, places, and circumstances you need to achieve your goal.

I was talking with a dear coaching client from India earlier today. He said he has “God on his tongue,” which means whenever he says something, it tends to come about.

This is truly the power of Intention, and we all have God on our tongue. When we state something and see it happening…for better or for worse, we are helping bring it about.

That’s why it’s so important to consciously CHOOSE your intention rather than reacting to the days ahead.

For instance, you could say, “Oh no, I’ve got such a busy week, how will I get through?” Sure enough, your week may be challenged.

OR you could say, “I’ve got such a busy week, but I’m going to use this as an opportunity to find more peace, bring in more pauses, and find the most ways to actively rest as much as I can.” And sure enough, your week will be much easier than you ever expected!

So I encourage you today to set an intention for the day ahead, the week ahead, and even set one for the year ahead…then write it out each day.

For ourselves, we set our goal for the year, and then dove right into mind-mapping or drawing out our big picture ideas both for the week ahead, and year ahead.

It both got us excited. And that’s the KEY to intention, your ENERGY, and it helps give us the rudimentary steps to getting where you want to go.

Remember: you don’t need the answer, just the next step, and the ENERGY, enthusiasm, and passion to get you there.

I call passion the stone of attention that you cast into the pond of intention. The bigger the stone, the more ripples you’ll make, and the more likely it’ll come about.

So today, think of what your intention is, get it down, and then play with it each day ahead.

You’ll find that when you live intentionally, you’re happier, feel more fulfilled, and far more likely to achieve whatever you desire.

And on that note, if you’re unsure of your intentions, dive into automatic writing or a process of writing as self-discovery. Intentions from the heart often feel light, feel great, and give you wings while those from the head can feel heavy and drag you down.

The more you can discern, the happier you will be.

So dive into that intention work, and set yourself up for your greatest week ever!

We send all our love,

And Shine Bright!!!

Michael, Jessica, and the Kitties (with The Love Bug on my lap!!!)