Hello Bright & Shiny Beacon of Light!

Fifteen years ago today I almost died.

I can’t believe it’s been fifteen years. I was out on a bike path, I’d been training for a world-record cross country skate.

But an unaware tourist stepped out on the bike path before me, teaching his baby how to walk! I wasn’t going fast, yet there was only time to throw myself back and avoid the child.

It worked, and my life changed…FOREVER.

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They call it satori, or instant awakening, or the best I can liken it toward is a near-death-experience. For not only was I shattered physically, but my persona was shattered as well.

The Michael who hit the deck was not the one that emerged moments later.

The new and improved Michael was kinder, gentler, and on a mission to help humanity. The one before…while kind and gentle, in ways, was a much more egoic beast…even with a heart-of-gold. (Of course, I’m biased).

We can all change in a moment’s notice, it doesn’t take being shattered, or having a shamanic or ayahuasca journey (profound as they may be)…hitting a tree, or getting deathly ill.

But in mere moments we can make massive change in our lives!

I went back to the spot on the bike path for seven years…putting my hand on the tree next to where I fell. I would say prayers, give thanks, and remember how far I’ve come and how much I’ve changed.

“Did you hit your head”…each first-responder asked? No, my helmet was unscathed. But in a very real sense, I’d died, come back, AND made a choice to be someone new.

What’s that mean? I chose to make this the most positive experience of my life. Why? Because the only way to heal, was to find the highest vibration message I could align with.

And that’s the same for all of us. It’s all about the choices, it’s all about how we chose to see things, and where we want to align.

Had I gone to a place of pity, I’m convinced I wouldn’t be here. The doctor told me I was about to lose my leg or my life…I was smiling, telling him, “Don’t worry doc, it’ll go back together better than you ever expected!!!”

And that’s just what he told me the next day.

It’s all about a choice, to re-invent ourselves, to look for the incredible positives, to have hope for a brighter future, and to align, with that hope!

Come join me tonight for my re-birthday party, as we celebrate the new me, and the new you.

I love you guys!!!