Hello Bright and Shiny Beacon of Light!

Michael Sandler here. To me, there’s nothing more important than discovering who you truly are, finding a deep sense of meaning and purpose in your life, and finding true happiness from within.

No matter where you are in life, we all have greatness inside.

Incessant chatter of our minds, past failures and emotional blocks stand in the way of our ability to clearly see our greatness.

The trick to find one’s path, purpose and direction in life, or the happiness and success we all desire, we need to feel life at a higher vibration, witness life from a higher plane and see into the future with a more expansive perspective.

As Einstein said, we cannot solve a problem at the same level from which it was created.

That is where coaching can help.


I call it Shine Bright Coaching, because the overarching goal of my work is to help others clear their inner clutter and Shine Bright. I work with my clients to move past the blocks, rediscover their greatness, and come up with a plan for happiness and success, no matter life circumstance or how much they have tried to “improve” before. Too many coaching programs focus on “becoming better” at life.

Self judgement and focus on our perceived weaknesses often result in a focus on hiding who we believe we really are. We are ALL perfect the way we are right now. Realizing our greatness opens us up to life and empowers us to do anything we desire. The answers we seek are already within us.

One of my coaching clients, Rory recently sent me an impromptu video diary clip in which he candidly and emotionally shares about his recent growth. Watch and you’ll get a sense for how I can help.

Note: Rory’s did the work. I provided the guidance… & a lot of homework of course.

The answers are all already within all of us. I help people uncover them.

For you, work starts with rediscovering…

  1. Who you truly are.
  2. Why you’re here.
  3. Where you want to go.
  4. And learning how to get guidance from within.

And here is what it takes…

  1. Developing a more positive mindset.
  2. Learning how to set intentions.
  3. Learning how to create your own reality.
  4. Rewiring your mind for happiness and success.
  5. And removing deep-seated fears from your programming.

Once you are no longer acting out of fear, when you are on an exciting path, and when you are able to make the most of the time you have, you will truly be shining bright!!!

Let’s work together to achieve your dreams make the most of your life.

How I Can Help You

I’ve helped countless clients from all walks of life live their most authentic, heart-centered, passion-driven lives, pursuing their dreams, finding success, and making each moment count!

I’ve helped people…

  1. Switch careers
  2. Find better jobs
  3. Start businesses
  4. Go back to school
  5. Travel to far-away lands
  6. Rebuild and repair relationships
  7. Get in great shape
  8. Discover their spiritual path
  9. Even overcome life-long addictions
  10. And more!

It’s not easy, but if you’re committed to a better life, committed to doing something special with the time you’re here, I can help get you there.

I’m happy and honored to offer you a free strategy session to see if we’re a fit, and where we should go.

In just a few sessions, we can look at the following areas of your life:

  • Life Purpose & Direction

  • Money & Finance
  • Outlook & Motivation
  • Health & Fitness
  • Career & Business
  • Love & Relationships
  • Spirituality & Mindfulness

Investing in Your Transformation

Here’s how it works.

In the beginning we talk about your goals, your dreams and what you want to accomplish in 3 months or more. If you don’t know, that’s ok.  I have a vast collection of tools to help you get the guidance from within to find your purpose, path and direction.

If you already know what you want, then we talk about what the challenges are. We uncover what exactly is blocking you from achieving your dreams and then we work on removing those blocks.

And of course, I give homework, every week and I expect reports on how you’re doing during the week. I’m here to be your personal teacher, accountability partner, and yes, even your cheerleader!

I’m here to support you every step of the way, helping you to build confidence in yourself and trust and faith in the universe.

With our growing show and soon to be growing family too, I’ll be cutting back on my private coaching work soon. So grab this incredible opportunity while you can!

These sessions can literally change your work life, your relationship, or your business.

I’d love to work with you and if you’re ready for major transformation, Step One is to book a free strategy session with me, and I’ll talk with you on the call.

I look forward to speaking with you.



What Bright & Shiny People Are Saying!

Michael’s coaching and guidance is a gift. To be in his direct circle of light and love is remarkable. Michael goes the extra mile in providing unique and specific teachings, it is clear that his heart is 100% committed. I now have a life of purpose and joy. I see stepping stones before me, that Michael helped to lay out, to provide me with answers to what I need or ask for. I am lighter, calmer, happier, and I’ve got priceless tools to continue to vibrate higher and higher. Michael, I am so thankful for this special experience, and I recommend your coaching to all!
~ Brennan T.

Michael is a phenomenal, highly talented, “Swiss-Army-knife” of a coach. I was diagnosed with Adult ADHD in my mid 20s and was struggling to keep up with competing priorities and responsibilities. I was initially (perhaps narrowly) looking for tips on organization & efficiency, but he challenged me to think holistically and pursue a more balanced life. His mind is an impressively vast repository of insightful nuggets about sleep, diet, exercise, mindfulness, relationships, and more. Plus he’s one of the friendliest, most compassionate people I’ve met. I now find myself healthier, happier and wiser as a result. I couldn’t have asked for a better Sherpa to help me embark on this journey!
– Anonymous

I’ve been working with Michael for three months now and in that time the changes he has helped me realize within myself are nothing short of profound. When I met him I was dealing with some seriously deep depression, a strong case of social anxiety and a general feeling of malaise.

Over the past three months he has helped me eliminate the depression, my social anxiety is only a minor annoyance and the malaise has been flipped to optimism and a desire to regain my energy.

While I’ve always been pretty self-aware it’s been mostly superficial. Now my self-awareness goes deep enough that I can connect dots that show patterns of behavior that lead back to my childhood. Not only can I recognize habits and how they started but also their purpose and the lessons those habits are trying to teach me.

These past three months have given me a new perspective on my life and I can’t wait to see what the next three months have in store.
~ Rick C.

I still feel like I’m living in a dream, the coaching was such a whirlwind, I came out of it after 12 weeks and everything is different!! I’m running more, I’m spending more time with my family, I’m not constantly stressed and thinking about what else could go wrong at work. I’m truly living the dream. Thank you Michael!

Not only has my life changed, but it’s amazing to see the impact of the changes I’ve made in my life ripple through to friend and family and seeing the inspiration I’ve become to others.

Also after penny pinching and saving feeling like I was going to be fired any day, and now having security, we took the vacation payout money from the old job and WE’RE GOING TO DISNEY WORLD!! How does it get better than that?
~ Adam C.

Michael Sandler has help me so much through a difficult and dark period in my life. I was so confused, depressed and I could feel that I was going down a dark path. Out of desperation, I made a spur of the moment decision to contact Michael for help. It was one of the best decisions that I made in my life. His kind and gentle coaching style brought a lot of comfort to my heart. His persistent encouragement helped me move forward when I get stuck in the bottom of the valley. He helped my set up a morning self-care routine that I am still using. He even got me to sign up and go to the gym!! I used to hate the gym with my whole being. Now, I like it and I love the new muscles on my body! I never thought I can have muscle like these. I feel so much lighter and brighter now. When people ask me “How are you?” I now say “I am great” and I mean it.  I am eternally grateful to have Michael as my coach.
~ Nancy Y.

My goal was to learn how to come from my heart, discuss my health concerns and have the energy to deal with life’s challenges. From the very beginning Michael, you knew how to coach me. You helped me re-discover my spiritual path as it relates to automatic writing. My health improved and the energy I so longed for returned. To Skype in the comfort of my own home and have your experience and intuitive nature was incredible.
I asked you to coach our grandson after his first semester in college, coach our daughter who was dealing with many debilitating symptoms with no answers from the medical profession. You suggested we watch the documentary, Moldy by Dave Asprey. That was totally a miracle because after many tests it was determined that she had Black Mold Exposure and has Black Mold Toxicity. All those years of a missed diagnosis, pain and suffering. Now she is truly shining and returning to her teaching career. Thank you, thank you.

Our grandson tells me every time I speak with him how lucky he is to have you as his coach. Our family is aware of how far he has come in such a short amount of time.

The work you and Jessica do everyday to make this world a better place is so needed.
I thank you from my wide open heart.
~ Marianne S.

Michael was able to take a look at my life and it’s challenges and provide clarity. He helped me to overcome my obstacles and to clear a path to move forward.
~ Corey P.

Hi Michael, I’d like to thank you for the help and insight you gave me as my life coach. I feel like I have a new beginning in life and as a person. I’ve been following your advice of writing in a journal and meditating every morning. I’ve also been enjoying creative hobbies and exercising daily. It was great working with you and I appreciate your honesty and upbeat can-do attitude!
~ Christina T.

It was life changing and life saving. Whenever life is very demanding, I return to the teachings and use it as an anchor. Everyone gets trapped down in nagging thoughts. And now there is a way out. The so called “vicious cycle” changes into a “promising and hopeful cycle”. I also found that my attitudes towards people have changed. I am being more positive and understanding. There is always a light at the end of the tunnel!
~ Christiane P.