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inspire-nation-logo-lighbulb-circleExtraordinary Guests Sharing Valuable Wisdom

  • Michael Sandler interviews Bruce Lipton, PhD on the 10th Anniversary Edition of TheBiology of Belief, epigentics and reprogramming your subconscious!
  • Michael Sandler interviews Mike Dooley on how thoughts become things and creating your reality!
  • Michael Sandler interviews Anita Moorjani on her near death experience and her new book, What If This Is Heaven?
  • Listen to Michael Sandler's interview with Lisa Nichols on how to start attracting money into your life now!
  • Listen to Michael Sandler's interview with David Allen on Getting Things Done!
  • Michael Sandler interviews ultramarathon runner, Dean Karnazes on his latest book, The Road to Sparta!

Inspire Nation guests are world class leaders, Fortune 100 CEO’s, spiritual teachers to millions & even personal coaches to rulers of countries. They’re movers, shakers & change-makers. They’ve written NY Times Bestsellers, they’ve been on Oprah, & they’ve given TedTalks with millions watching.

inspire-nation-logo-lighbulb-circleWe Help You SHINE BRIGHT in Every Area of Your Life!

Our shows cover a wide arrange of topics to help you shine in every area of your life.
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