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Dear Shiny Beacon of Light,

In May 2013, I stopped breathing while stuck in a freezing creek bed, bleeding out internally, and fighting for my life. When medics arrived I didn’t have any blood pressure and it took two flight for life helicopters to save me.

I now have two titanium hips, two titanium femurs, and I’ve had ten knee operations, and a hole where my ACL used to be. I was shattered physically and we were devastated financially.

And yet we’ve overcome it all and more, and now we have a burning desire to help you overcome your challenges as well. I know what’s it’s like to be on the brink and what it takes to come back. I feel I’ve been given a lease on life to help others. Nothing’s more important to me.

I used to listen to speaker after speaker, audiobook after audiobook, and watch DVD after DVD to reprogram my mind, and help me rebuild my life. We’ve created the Inspire Nation Show, to give you all the resources you need, in one place.

Motivational speakers, health experts, inspiring athletes and regular Joes and Janes, who have powerful lessons to share, because they’ve been their themselves. They know how to overcome, and live their greatest life possible.

And we know you can too. With the advice, guidance, stories, inspirational quotes,and radiant positive energy you’ll find on this site and on our show, you can’t help but round the corner and catapult yourself toward perfect health, happiness, and success.

We wish you the best on your journey and we hope you’ll come along with us.

You’ve got the light inside of you. We’re just here to help you SHINE!!!

In Light & Love,

Michael Sandler

Quirky Tidbits About Your Hosts

Michael Sandler
Michael Sandler
70 Random Things About Me:

1. I was born in 1970 in Massachusetts.
2. I used to have a go cart shaped like herbi when I was a child.
3. In a parent-teacher conference, my 1st grade teacher declared I was the worst student she’d ever had in class.
4. In 2nd grade, I jumped out of a school window and ran home after the fire alarm went off.
5. My handwriting was so horrendous that I learned to type at age 10 on a manual typewriter. (Keep in mind, this was 1980.)
6. In middle school, I ran to and from school to avoid bullies on the school bus.
7. In 8th grade I wrote a 64-page typed paper on arteriosclerosis or hardening of the arteries with predictions that came true over the next 10 to 20 years.
8. I went to a private Catholic high school until one day a teacher tried to tell us women only had one purpose. I quit that day and went back to public schooling.
9. The first mile of my first cross-country race was under 5 minutes… unfortunately I hadn’t learned how to pace myself and I came in last.
10. I once owned 17 bicycles and each had a name.
11. In high school, I bought a heavy department store steel bicycle for “resistance” training one year and rode it straight through a New England winter until the welds gave out.
12. I’ve had 10 knee operations on my left knee. No ACL, but I can still run!
13. When I was 12, unbeknownst to my parents, I bicycled over 100 miles and crossed 3 state borders solo from my hometown in Danvers, MA to Maine.
14. In 1984, I caddied the US Women’s Open golf championship.
15. As a kid, I used to be so socially awkward, I once told a girl at a party she had an ugly sweater on.
16. I’ve been meditating since high school.
17. I had 1 knee operation and 1 sinus surgery done without any aesthetics, just with the power of the mind and meditation.
18. I spent 3 years racing against the best cyclist in Europe trying to make it to the Tour de France.
19. I got hit by a car while bicycle racing in France. The surgeon pointed at the metal rod he was going to insert into my leg and said, “Don’t worry – made in America.”
20. I got hit by a motorcycle while mountain biking in Colorado. When I came to, all I heard was, “I killed him. I can’t believe I killed him.”
21. I’ve only been med-evacuated (airlifted) once.
22. I find “coincidences” which I like to call synchronicity happening around every corner.
23. I once biked 5000 miles across the country in 40 days, unsupported to raise awareness for children and adults with learning disabilities.
24. My favorite activity is running or snowshoeing steep hills and ridgelines above tree line.
25. I was diagnosed with ADD and ADHD as a child, though these days I now realize much of my cognitive struggles were attributable to a high-sugar, low fat diet.
26. My first book is titled, “College Confidence with ADD.”
27. When I arrived in Washington DC, I spoke before Congress and rode around in the same Capital Subway car as Hilary Clinton’s. (I got her business card.)
28. I have a MBA and a Masters in Computer Information Systems, but these days I have to ask Jessica how to use my smart phone.
29. I also have a BS in Political Science and an almost degree in exercise physiology and biomechanics… My college wouldn’t allow me to create my own major.
30. My Masters thesis was on orthotic design, ironic since I ended up tossing all foot support out the window – even my shoes.
31. I trained at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs for cycling and speed skating.
32. When I was track cyclist, I used to envy sumo wrestlers how much they could eat. I would try to match them.
33. At one point, I weighed 200 lbs… I’m only 5’10”.
34. I used to be able to do sets of leg presses, called a hip sled with over 1650 lbs.
35. I was a car salesman for a month, until I learned how unethical the dealership was.
36. Saw a UFO once over NYC and the Statue of Liberty along with 1 million other people.
37. I used to be hypoglycemic until I went sugar-free for a year (not even fruit) and kicked it.
38. I’m a big fan of eating a high healthy fat diet, so you’ll find all of my meals includes foods like coconut oil, olive oil, hemp seeds, chia seeds and of course my staple food – avocados.
39. We compost… even the kitty litter.
40. These days, I eat predominately plant-based foods.
41. Occasionally, I’ll splurge on a good Mexican meal.
42. I always have a soft spot for chocolate.
43. I used to make giant batches of sauerkraut.
44. I’m always experimenting with my “meat suit” (aka body) to see what it’s capable of.
45. I’m in the process of strengthening my eyes and I’ve cut my eyeglass prescription in half.
46. I LOVE running in extreme climates – Ran at -44 and in death valley-like conditions – just not in the same week.
47. I love diving into water in below freezing temperatures and heating up my body through meditation.
48. I consider myself the “mule”, so when Jessica and I go out for a run, I pack supplies for her, but none for myself.
49. I’m a big fan of vitamin D, sourced the natural way – time spent in the sun and with supplements. (I prefer the company called “pure.”)
50. I’m a Virgo with a bunch of planets in Leo.
51. I meditate on average 2 hours per day.
52. I sun gaze at sunrise and sunset.
53. I love comedies, spiritual and animated movies. I can’t bear to watch horror movies or movies with a lot of violence or negativity.
54. I learned to swim before I could walk.
55. I don’t like to kill anything, even mosquitos… though I make exceptions when it comes to mosquitos for Jessica.
56. Before I met Jessica, I was studying Japanese, contemplating moving to Japan to become a monk.
57. One of my groomsman told me, “Duuude! You were no where before Jessica came into your life.” And he was spot on.
58. I drive a Prius, but there’s talk of upgrading to a Tesla someday–UPDATE–sold the Prius and upgraded to the Tesla! WOOHOO!!!
59. On Maui I used to get around town on our scooter fondly named “Pepe.”
60. Jessica and I got married on 10.10.10 on an organic farm just outside Boulder, CO.
61. I have long legs, but a short torso, so when I sit at the dinner table with Jessica, she towers over me.
62. If you really get me laughing, I start honking like an elk in heat. Jessica’s really good extorting this laugh from me.
63. I love all animals, especially our cats, but crazy about dogs.
64. I once had a coyote-blue heeler mix, named Pumpkin as a companion for 17 years.
65. Pumpkin also had a sister who was a white Brittany service dog, named Sawa.
66. I’m longing for a running companion in the form of a canine.
67. “My” dogs are always female – “Jessica’s” cats used to be male, until the LoveBug reincarnated as a female kitty
68. My favorite time to start a run is before sunrise.
69. My favorite spot to meditate use to be inside a small meteorite crater in Boulder, CO.
70. Sandler literally means “shoe maker.” Funny for the author of Barefoot Running book!

Jessica Lee
Jessica Lee
15 Random Things About Me (I’m still working on catching up with Michael.):

1. I met Michael at the Shambhala Meditation Center in Boulder, CO. I was focused on meditating. Michael was focused on mustering up the courage to speak to me.

2. I was so inspired by Michael’s healing story, he convinced me to try barefoot running. After our first lesson, I was hooked and started a meetup club which quickly grew to 300+ members. Then we wrote a best-selling book on barefoot running, followed by a book on barefoot walking.

3. Our first year together, we drove around in my little Suzuki hatchback with 2 dogs in the back, pulling a trailer full of books. We nearly went broke, except for 10 cents which we used to mail a certified check to the printing company so they would ship us our books. Yes, we were on book tour for 2 weeks before we actually had books in hand to sell. After that we put 35 thousand more miles on my car that year.

4. I graduated from Northwestern University with a BS in Learning and Organizational Change. I thought I might go work for a consulting firm, but decided otherwise…

5. Instead, I served as a US Peace Corps Volunteer for 2 years in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. I helped build a library, start a 4-H club, and taught leadership development classes to youth, among many many other projects.

6. I was a bicycle tour guide for a summer in Skagway, Alaska, blazing past fuzzy grizzly bears. I once convinced my tour group that a mashed up Cliff Bar on the ground was bear scat. They were horrified when I ate it, but still tipped me well.

7. One year I worked as an Italian Artisan Baker, a Coffee Shop Manager, a Sales Specialist at REI and a volunteer at Leave No Trace – all at once.

8. Later, I worked in marketing for the green industry, first working for a solar thermal company and then a geothermal heating company.

9. Michael and I lived in an Earthship in Taos, NM briefly. We would’ve stayed longer if it weren’t for the fact that the “ship” started sinking. First I nearly ran out of electricity. Then water. I drew the line when we discovered floating rats in our water cisterns.

10. I’ve studied the Tao, Tibetan Buddhism and Mystical Christianity. At one point I was convinced I would become a priest someday. I’ve since decided on other paths of service to humanity.

11. Most people are surprised to find that I was born and raised in NJ. I’m not sure why, I’ve found many diamonds in the rough in my home state.

12. I used to be deathly afraid of public speaking. My hands would shake uncontrollably every time I had to deliver a presentation, even in college. (Getting on the mic still scares me!)

13. In 2019, we are manifesting a baby! If it’s a girl, we are naming her Hana Mandala Sandler. If it’s a boy… stay tuned!

14. In the meantime, our 3 miracle kitties are my babies – Sir Meowsers, Lumiere (Lumi for short) and the LoveBug (KoaCoon reincarnated). The first 2 and KoaCoon were rescues on Maui.

15. I told Michael he can get the dog after the baby arrives. 🙂