Good morning and (if you’re of the persuasion) Happy Easter everyone!!!

It’s been such an interesting time (aka butt-kicking) for Jessica and myself…we both got our first cold’s of forever last month, and 2 weeks ago, as the tenacious cold was subsiding, I got Colorado Tick Fever.

Who even HEARD of Colorado tick fever?!?!?

After finding a stowaway on my shoulder, it was two weeks of a roller-coaster fever and exhaustion, which has been gradually tailing down. Phew!!!

Add on top of that, a visit from my mother-in-law, who promptly got Pneumonia (you can’t make this stuff up!) upon her arrival – she’s on day 9 and starting to feel much better now.

Did I mention it was getting our butt’s kicked time???

So what’s the significance of all of this – after-all, we talk about a spiritual significance to everything.

I believe it means it was time for us to slow down, to briefly turn inward, and hit the pause button and see what comes to us.

It’s important to remember, we are cyclical creatures. We operate by 28 day cycles of the moon (even the guys) 3 month cycles of the seasons, and 12 month cycles of the year…and if you’re into astrology, much larger cycles like one’s venus return on top of that.

What’s it all mean? It means be extra kind and gentle to yourself when you’re in an inward phase of your cycle – you’ve gotta check out this Tuesday’s upcoming interview with Kate Northrup (Dr. Christiane Northrup’s daughter) on this!

Accept yourself for exactly where you’re at, without overly pushing and striving. There’s a time when we’re energized to move mountains, and at these times I highly recommend it!

And there’s a time to nap more, turn inward, dim the lights, and lay low. I highly recommend this as well.

Our society is very DO-er based. If you’re not doing, not pushing, and not striving, then you feel LESS than. We all do. And that’s just plain craziness!

So I encourage you, to surf the natural energy of not-doingness, if that’s how you feel inclined.

To try and push when you’re not ready shreds you. However, if you save your energy for when the time is right, you will feel ON FIRE!!!

And so, I’m gonna a bit more here this morning, and chillax into this beautiful Easter Day. Then I hope my energy returns with abundance this week ahead. We have our iMeditations program to work on for you, I have hills and small mountains I want to run. And of course, we have some beautiful, beautiful guests coming up.

Oh, and did I mention our upcoming app that Jessica’s working on?

So much goodness, but first, I get to rest. And maybe you do too???

Have the most amazing Sunday, and new week ahead, check out Kate’s interview when it’s out, and if you want a DOOZEY of an interview on MANIFESTATION check out Mitch Horowitz’s latest masterpiece on Think and Grow Rich. You can catch it here:

Keep shining bright everyone!!!!! I’m off too nap!