Good morning, bright and shiny beacons of light!

Happy Springtime!

Hope really does spring eternal and there are always positives, if you choose to believe so.

First off, thank you so much to everyone for your condolences and well wishes, they mean the world to us. I’m trying to get back to each one individually, but even if I haven’t written you back, you’re in my heart and we can’t thank you enough!!!

We are firmly committed to this road to pregnancy and are using this time, as Jessica puts it, “to take our energy to a new level”. Her commitment is to do the things that she held off during the pregnancy that serve and call to her heart and to her art.

This means taking up pottery (a potter’s wheel from a famous local artist has magically appeared…and who knows, maybe a kiln too???), and it means doing the activities she loves that she’d put aside for many years.

Yes, this means she’s a shredder! I had the amazing experience of watching her on a snowboard yesterday.

When we first met nearly ten years ago she told me she was good on a board. But I had no idea she was pure magic. Imagine seeing a once grounded eagle now take to the sky. Or a graceful fish put back in water.

Our lives had taken us to Maui, New Jersey, and the Outer Banks before Basalt/Aspen, and then she was pregnant, healing from miscarriage, or pregnant again, so I never got to see her shred.

Yet, yesterday, there were no reasons not to ride. And so after ten years, she was back on the board.

And I was in tears, tears of joy, watching her do what she was meant to do.

We often find reasons NOT to do the very thing we love. But those passions and joys come here straight from the Universe. We didn’t choose to love to paint, or sing, or dance, or ride a board, run a mountain, cook, or anything that divinely serves our soul and calls to our heart.

These are gifts from beyond and they get, and deserve, to be unwrapped and revelled. If you have a calling, a pulling, a nagging tug at your heart to do or be, or try something that you’ve always wanted to, for your sake, for the sake of those around you, and for your kids who are watching you, you owe it to yourself to try it.

And so, what we’ll be exploring this spring is what brings Jessica her greatest joy, for out of that may come our healthiest, happiest pregnancy yet…and certainly, a healing, ear-to-ear grin on Jessica.

Yes, there are still tears, but now many of those are joy.

Two last thoughts:

ONE: We’ll be meeting with a pregnancy expert in NY, famous for helping couples who miscarry…we’ll keep you updated! We know sharing our journey is helping you.

TWO: It is Springtime today and the end of a Supermoon. What does this mean? It means it’s the PERFECT time to set intentions. For at this time of year, if you simply drop a seed on the ground, it’s likely to grow. It’s the natural energy at this time of year.

So think about what you’d like to do, be, or how you’d like the rest of this year to go, or even the years ahead. Then get it down on paper. Heck, you can make a ceremony of it if you want to, with candles, chimes, incense, and prayers.

But most importantly, take some time today – even five minutes, to write about your future, FROM THE HEART. Dare to dream big and wild, picture what you would like, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, how you would like to feel.

Then plant these seeds in the soil of your heart and of the Springtime.

And this weekend if you can, take extra time to write, to dream, and if the opportunity presents itself, to plant those seeds in nature–take a walk and play.

Both Jessica and I send all our love your way. I personally cannot wait to see how she blossoms this spring, and will do all I can to support her in following the tugs of her heart.

She is my hero.

And she JUST told me we’re headed back to the mountain after my interview today, and she’s going to show me how a Pookie flies.

She’s gonna jump!

Sending all my love, and keep shining bright!!!!!

Michael (and Jessica) and hopefully, no new mousies to be rescued this morning 😀