If you’ve ever wanted to turn back the clock and feel more youthful than ever before, then do we have the 30 Summers More show for you!

Today I’ll be talking with Dwayne J. Clark, philanthropist, playwrite, producer, co-founder and CEO of Aegis Living, and the author of a beautiful book for rolling back your life, 30 Summers More.

And that’s just what I want to talk with him about, how to get younger at any age and find greater health, sleep, and energy!!!




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Dwayne J. Clark is the co-founder and CEO of Aegis Living, which has more than 30 senior living facilities in the Western United States. Clark and Aegis Living have been widely recognized for their excellence of care to residents and employees alike by receiving a wide variety of awards, including The Family Business Growth Award by Seattle Business Magazine, Top 50 Best Places to Work by Glassdoor, Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year award, and the Lifetime Achievement Award from Senior Services. Dwayne is also the founder of True Productions, a production company aimed at sharing real-life stories through collaboration with writers, filmmakers, and playwrights. Among others, Clark was the producer for the documentary “Full Court: The Spencer Haywood Story” and executive producer for the award-winning film “Big Sonia.” Clark’s talents extend beyond filmmaking to writing. He wrote and produced the play “Seven Ways to Get There” and has authored several books, including “A Big Life” and “My Mother, My Son.”


Dwayne J. Clark Online:    Website    |        Twitter        |      Facebook

Key Topics:

  • Where did Dwayne grow up and what was his childhood like?
  • What was it like growing up impoverished (and sometimes without food)?
  • How did his childhood fuel him to great wealth and success???
  • How did he end up studying with Wayne Dyer???
  • How did he end up becoming a prison guard in a SuperMax prison?
  • How did he go from a Prison Guard to Senior Housing?
  • What was his big health scare and how did it shift the direction of his life?
  • What’s the Japense term Karoshi (literally “Overwork Death”) have to do with all of us?
  • What can we learn about longevity from the 60,000 older people Dwayne has worked with?
  • What does sleep have to do with getting younger?
  • What’s the danger of NSAIDs like Ibuprofen and Motrin?
  • What are the challenges we’re all running into with sleep?
  • What’s the harm to the brain if we don’t get enough sleep?
  • What’s an aura ring??? And what does it track???
  • What can we learn from your heart being elevated at night?
  • What’s the advantage of wearing a “wearable”?
  • What’s the importance of drinking water or hot water first thing in the morning???
  • What is Dwayne’s morning routine?
  • What’s the difference between exercise and movement?
  • Why is movement so important???
  • What does it mean to trick yourself to get moving?
  • What’s the importance of standing?
  • Why is balance so critical to your health?
  • How can we practice balancing while brushing our teeth?
  • What’s a big-bird exercise?
  • What can we learn from Dr. Becky Su???
  • What’s the importance of preventative medicine rather than medicine to treat disease???
  • What’s the importance of getting your stress levels down, and why is it so important for our body?
  • What’s the danger of sleeping pills???
  • A beautiful guided meditation to get back in touch with our bodies.
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