This morning I went out for a mini epic adventure.

Though I’m just getting back into riding shape, I wanted to bike from one end of Emerald Island, appx 25 miles long, to the other & back.

Things started out great, though I knew my slight tailwind would turn into a major headwind by my return.

And it did, though I kept smiling, breathed into the adversity, and relatively took my time.

It was slow and steady on the way back, letting go of attachment, stress and strain, as much as you can into an offshore headwind!

Yet I gradually fell far “behind” my predicted return time, though I kept lumbering along, ​​​​​right until I noticed my sunscreen was sweating off, and I was starting to fry to a crisp!

Soon-after I called Jessica to update her on my progress, as my 2 hour adventure now looked to be 3 or more & I didn’t want her to worry.

And she kindly offered to pick me up.

It is easy for us to feel like a “failure” when plans go awry, we stop early, or feel we don’t achieve our goals.

But that’s part of the journey too.

I am such a strong proponent of kind-gentle-easy-good, or never grinding ourselves into dust, or in this, into the solar oven.

The old Michael would have said no, I can do this and I have to do this, even if I burn. Because I’m not giving up.

But the kind and gentle Michael, said, sure, I hadn’t planned on it but why not?

“I’ll ride up a ways to you spot me, but thanks for getting me out of the sun!”

Remember, we are all human beings, not doings. Despite everything you’ve heard, we don’t need to “achieve” to be loved.

That doesn’t mean we can’t strive, or reach for greatness, but that martyring ourselves is never the answer.

And there is no such thing as “failure”…these are all lessons on our path.

In this society we’re taught we have to toughen up, do it on our own, and that if we dare ask for help we’re weak, quitters or worse.

But nothing could be farther from the truth.

Knowing when to say ask for help, say no, or hit the pause button to try again another day, is as important a lesson as anything!

Perhaps it’s even more so, because you’re learning how to treat yourself with self-love, in the face of fear, adversity, or even embarrassment or shame.

So did I take a ride home today? Sure. Am I a failure or quitter for not charing myself to a crisp? I’d say nope, but that’s up to you.

But I’ll be able ride again tomorrow, with my skin at least somewhat intact 😀 Of course, I’ll be using better sunscreen.

Please take care of yourself, don’t push too hard, but be extra kind and gentle to yourself.

If we can all treat ourselves as well or better than we treat our best friends, we’ll not only heal ourselves, but go a long way to healing the world.

And we’ll have a lot more fun in the process!!!

 Today’s Show:

Richard Gordon, author of The Secret Nature of Matter on how to prove we’re spiritual beings living a human existence.

Listen to Richard here.

Or watch Richard on YouTube here :o)

I send all the love in the world your way, and wish you the most kind and gentle Memorial Day ahead!