We’ve been doing a lot of intention work for our kitty Lumi this week, after Sir Meowsers got sick from the move, then passed it on to Lumi.

We have to believe it’s helped, Lumi’s eating and drinking again this morning (yay!!!) after really scaring us over the weekend (mouth breathing and a fever, requiring an emergency vet visit!)

We are STRONG proponents of intention work. :o) Particularly first thing in the AM.

If you want to bring about anything in life, whether it’s your kitty cat’s health, a new partner, better job, greater health, or anything else, then morning intention work can help.

We’ve seen intention work completely transform people’s lives, bringing them incredible miracles and almost anything they desire…over time.

We’ve seen debt wiped clear, distant jobs with painful commutes transformed into closer jobs with greater income.

I’ve seen people find their soulmate, overcome illness, and radically reduce stress and anxiety.

There’s no limit to what you receive through morning intention work.

Here’s how to start:

A simply way is to go for the gratitude.

First, write down whatever you want in the form of a thank you phrase.

For instance, thank you for my perfect health. Thank you for my feeling great on the trails. Thank you for the energy I have to do my work, take care of my family, and get to the gym each day.

Or Thank you for my kitty cat’s perfect health!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Second, do it with emotion. Repeat the above statement, or one of your own, picturing you already have it and the incredible groundswell of gratitude that would come with it.

Third, be specific. The more specific you can be the easier it is for the universe to bring it about.

Fourth, always add: or something better. This gives the universe the wiggle room it needs to bring something even better into your life.

For instance, if you’re asking for a better job, you might find one in a distant town…but if you ask for “or something better” you may even find one right next door!

Fifth, ask for your highest good and the highest good of all.

This is a powerful one that puts you in greatest alignment with the universe. This helps you live a life of service.

It doesn’t mean you won’t be well taken care of, but may find a level of happiness and satisfaction you never even dreamed of.

Take five minutes in the morning to get those intentions on paper!

I’d write them out each day, rather than just read them.

This generates more energy, more excitement, more emotion, and helps you gain more clarity in what you’re looking for, and keeps them closer to your heart.

And the closer they are to your heart, the faster they’re coming to you.

Or something better!!!

Have fun with this, it can truly transform your life!

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We wish you the most beautiful, intention setting day ahead and send all the love in the world your way!!!

Michael 😀