Many have been asking how Jessica’s pregnancy is going and HOW is she doing???

Well, if you haven’t been to our FaceBook page, then how would you know???

She is doing great!

Well, I’d be kidding you if I didn’t say she has fatigue, occasional nausea, queasiness, and all of the usual first trimester symptoms.

But she’s a trooper, it’s done out of love, and she’s hanging in there.

And speaking of hanging in there, Sir Meowsers has become her belly companion. 

Whenever she sits down, lays down, or heads to bed for sleep, he’s there, wanting to lay down right down on her womb.

She was even taking a nap this afternoon on the couch on her side, when he came up, and started pawing at her back for her to roll over so he could sleep on her belly.

Note: He’s never done this before this pregnancy. It’s as if he wants to protect the little one on the inside.

And on that note, we had our first ultrasound last week. 

Woo Hoo!!!

It was a baby-dating ultrasound, and one that checked to make sure the baby’s okay. We’re usually not into any procedures, but after the miscarriage, we were fully on-board.

I must admit, I started crying when we first saw our baby…and what they believe was one of her first heartbeats…They say the baby was so small her heart was in its first day or two of beating. WOW!!!

Aw heck, here’s the link to the Facebook page if you want to catch the vid: www.FaceBook.com/InspireNationShow.

It turns out the baby was younger than expected, a whopping 6 weeks old…making her or him just over 7 weeks old today :O).

So what’s today’s message? Everything happens in it’s own time, in it’s own way, and we’re less in-control than we think.

It means we don’t have to push, pull, strive, or have regrets, but simply do our best to raise our vibration and have faith in the Universe.

And if we let go and remember that the Universe is happening THROUGH US and FOR US rather than TO us…

It can help put us in a more positive state to help our desires come about.

Jessica and I got our butts kicked with the miscarriage.

But out of that we’ve grown stronger, closer, and taken our pregnancy and baby preparations to an entirely new level.

There is a golden lining to almost anything that happens…if WE believe there is.

On that note, I can’t wait till my Kalma K. Kapur interview comes out on Thursday (on iTunes). She’s a Rumi expert and that’s just what we were discussing.

Remember, the Universe is conspiring in YOUR favor. 

There is so much lined up for YOUR success. Life isn’t a test, and you didn’t come here to pass or fail.

Instead, the Universe brought you here so you can learn, love, grow, and expand. And SHE (the Universe) will do everything in her power to help get you there and see you succeed.

If you only knew who really had your back!!!

Our job is to have faith, step back, and put ourselves in the flow of love as much as we possibly can.

Step back from the fear and lean into love. 

Yes, above all else, this means loving yourself up no matter what, until it hurts…And then the funny thing – it won’t hurt anymore :O).

​​​​​​​You can do this, I know you can.

Both Jessica and I send ALL our love your way.

Keep shining bright and be sure to catch us on Tuesday for our YouTube Live…we’ll have the link up by tomorrow.

We love you guys!!!!!

Michael (and Jessica) and The Love Bug, Lumi, and Sir Meowsers…who just may be a King.

King Meowsers, that has a great ring to it!!!!!