If you’ve ever wanted to live your greatest life, then do we have the Top Five Regrets of the Dying show for you!

Today I’ll be talking with Bronnie Ware, author, speaker, musician and song-writing teacher, and the author of a brilliant, life-changing book, The Top Five Regrets of the Dying.

And that’s just what I want to talk with her about today, living without regrets and a life transformed by the dearly departed.





Bronnie’s calling is to lead by courageous example: a calling she honours with integrity. Having sat by the bedsides of the terminally ill for several years, she knows the pain of dying with regret and, consequently, exercises her power of choice with consciousness on a daily basis.

Her incredible life experience goes well beyond the years with dying people and has taught Bronnie how much we are all alike rather than different. One of her favourite things is getting people off their computers and back to real-life conversations and experiences.

Bronnie also recognises the enormous importance of honesty and vulnerability, both of which are found in courageous depth through her books and songs.

With a passionate love of keeping life simple and leaving space to breathe regardless of how we are perceived, Bronnie understands how crucial it is to enjoy the precious gift of time we are given. There is a reason her message has reached millions of people worldwide. She has repeatedly witnessed the anguish and pain of dying regrets and through her own gentle, yet powerful example, Bronnie teaches how to ensure we don’t create those same regrets ourselves.

Bronnie lives in northern New South Wales, Australia, and loves to wake to the songs of the birds.


Bronnie Ware Online: Website| Facebook| Youtube

Key Topics:

  • How did Bronnie Ware start working with the dying?
  • Who was Ruth and what can we learn from her?
  • What’s the harm in hiding death from society?
  • What’s the benefit of facing our death with honest acceptance?
  • How can facing death help shift our priorities?
  • How does facing death help shift us from our ego to our heart?
  • What does surrender really mean?
  • What’s the number one regret of the dying?
  • What can we learn from Grace and what did she make Bronnie promise?
  • What does it mean (from Tony Robbins) we do more to avoid pain than to gain pleasure?
  • What’s the importance of compassion and self-compassion?
  • What’s it mean that we become the product of our environment?
  • What’s the importance of becoming incredibly mindful of the life we’re creating?
  • After learning life lessons from the dying, what does success really mean?
  • What is the second regret of the dying?
  • What’s the harm in seeing yourself as a victim?
  • How did Bronnie use the law of attraction to make a music album?
  • What is the third regret of the dying?
  • What’s the importance of expressing our feelings?
  • What lessons can we teach our kids based on the regrets of the dying?
  • How important is happiness for our children and ourselves?
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