If you’ve ever wanted greater health, energy, and longevity, then do we have the Run For Your Life show for you!

Today I’ll be talking with Dr. Mark Cucuzzella, professor at West Virginia University School of Medicine, the owner of the first minimalist running and walking shoe store, a distinguished mountaineer, Air Force Athlete of the Year, and the author of a brilliant new book on walking, running, and life, Run For Your Life!

And that’s just what I want to talk with him about today, how to run, walk, and move without pain or injury and achieve a sense of well-being and joy.





Lt. Col. (Dr.) Mark Cucuzzella is a Professor at West Virginia University School of Medicine. As a US Air Force Reservist, he designs programs to promote healthier and better running with the US Air Force Efficient Running Project. Mark has presented running workshops on over 50 military bases. You can view modules on his Efficient Running website. He has been a national-level Masters runner, having competed for over 35 years with more than 100 marathon and ultra-marathon finishes. Mark is a two-time winner of the Air Force Marathon and has a marathon PR of 2:24. As well as being the race director of Freedom’s Run race series in West Virginia, Mark is the director of the Natural Running Center, an education portal designed to teach healthier running. He is also the owner of Two Rivers Treads – A Center for Natural Running and Walking in his hometown of Shepherdstown, WV. Mark’s innovative work and story has been featured in the New York Times, NPR, Outside Magazine, Running Times, Runners World, Air Force Times, the Washington Post, JAMA, and other medical and media outlets.


Dr. Mark Cucuzzella Online: Website| Facebook| Youtube

Key Topics:

  • What happened to Dr. Mark Cucuzzella’s health growing up?
  • What happened from anti-inflammatories – and why might they be dangerous?
  • What does it mean as a society we need to run and move?
  • What is happening to our feet these days?
  • Who is Tyler Benner and what is a wide toe-box cycling shoe?
  • What are Correct Toes and how can we help our feet?
  • What is the human body intended to do?
  • Are we born to run?
  • What are key exercises we need to do?
  • Why is it dangerous to stop moving???
  • What do we need to know about the human body about movement?
  • Why is moving on the feet so beneficial for us?
  • How our posture can help us get strong?
  • Are our bodies meant to break down?
  • Can we adapt at any age?
  • What are the dangers of a rigid shoe for walking, running, and your health?
  • How can we save our knees and hips?
  • What’s the danger of sugar – and what else do we need to know about nutrition?
  • What does nasal breathing have to do with anything?
  • What can we learn from Patrick McKeown’s The Oxygen Advantage?
  • What can we learn from heart coherence and Heart Math’s Inner Balance tool and app?
  • Advice for parents and kids for their health.
  • What was the trial against Dr. Tim Noakes author of The Lore of Running that he won.
  • What women want to do to protect their feet?
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