Good morning Shiny Beacon of Light!

I have a fun suggestion for the weekend. I used to get very stressed come Monday morning because I didn’t get that “one most important thing” done over the weekend, the one I only remembered Sunday night, or even Monday morning!

So now, come Friday, I ask myself, what’s the one thing I want to make sure I get done this weekend that’ll make me feel great come Monday morning, or at least keep the stress levels down.

So ask yourself today, what’s that one thing you want to get done this weekend that’ll make you feel great, take the pressure off, or help start the new week on a positive note.

Then immediately, if not sooner, schedule it in, preferably with an alarm or alert, to help you get it done.

Consider it a gift for yourself, then no matter what happens  over the weekend, you’ve got your one thing done :o).

Key Note: non-judgment. Everything’s a process and part of the path. If you get your one thing done, great! If you simply wrote it down, and didn’t get it done…great! It’s a start, and all part of the process.

The most important thing is to be kind and gentle on yourself no matter what.. That’s when you’ll make the greatest changes, with the most stick!

Have a fantastic Friday and weekend ahead!

Keep Shining Bright!!!