If you’ve ever wondered how the story of Adam and Eve affects our lives, and what it really means, then do we have The First Love Story show for you!

Today I’ll be talking with Bruce Feiler, author of the This Life column for the Sunday New York Times and six consecutive New York Times best-sellers, and a fascinating new book The First Love Story: Adam, Eve, and Us.

And that’s just what I want to talk with him about today, about Adam, about Eve, and what it means to Us.

We’ll look at the mythical meaning behind the story; the story of the Sistine Chapel; what Adam and Eve really means for women’s rights; what we’re not told about the story—and why it matters, and how the original love story affects our culture, our beliefs, and even our daily lives.






BRUCE FEILER is one of America’s most popular voices on contemporary life. He writes the “This Life” column for the Sunday New York Times and is the author of six consecutive New York Times bestsellers, including ABRAHAM and THE COUNCIL OF DADS. He is the writer and host of the PBS series WALKING THE BIBLE and SACRED JOURNEYS WITH BRUCE FEILER. His most recent book, THE SECRETS OF HAPPY FAMILIES, is a bold playbook for families today. It collects best practices for busy parents from some of the country’s most creative minds, including tops designers in Silicon Valley, elite peace negotiators, and the Green Berets. Featured on World News, Nightline, GMA, the Today Show, and TED, and excerpted in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, and Parade, the book was a Top 5 New York Times bestseller.

Since 2001, Bruce has been one of the country’s preeminent thinkers, writers, and speakers about the role of religion in contemporary life. WALKING THE BIBLE describes his perilous, 10,000-mile journey retracing the Five Books of Moses through the desert. The book was hailed as an “instant classic” by the Washington Post and “thoughtful, informed, and perceptive” by the New York Times. It spent more than a year and a half on the New York Times bestseller list, has been translated into fifteen languages, and is the subject of a children’s book.

ABRAHAM recounts his personal search for the shared ancestor of Jews, Christians, and Muslims. “Exquisitely written,” wrote the Boston Globe, “100 percent engaging.” The book was featured on the cover of TIME Magazine, debuted in the top 5 of the New York Times bestseller list, and inspired thousands of grassroots interfaith discussions around the world.

WHERE GOD WAS BORN describes his year-long trek visiting biblical sites through the front lines of Israel, Iraq, and Iran. “Bruce Feiler is a real-life Indiana Jones,” wrote the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. AMERICA’S PROPHET is the groundbreaking story of the influence of Moses on American history. Both were Top 10 bestsellers.

Bruce also writes and speaks beautifully about surviving cancer as an adult. THE COUNCIL OF DADS is the international sensation that describes how faced with one of life’s greatest challenges, he asked six friends to form a support group for his young daughters. The book was profiled in PEOPLE Magazine, USA Today, Time, and the Washington Post, and was the subject of a one-hour documentary on CNN hosted by Dr. Sanjay Gupta. Bruce was named “Father of the Year” by the National Fatherhood Initiative.

Bruce Feiler has written for numerous publications, including The New Yorker, the New York Times Magazine, and Gourmet, where he won three James Beard Awards. He is also a frequent contributor to NPR, CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News. A former circus clown, he has been the subject of Jay Leno joke and a JEOPARDY! question, and his face appears on a postage stamp in the Grenadines.

A native of Savannah, Georgia, Bruce lives in Brooklyn with wife, Linda Rottenberg, and their identical twin daughters. For more information, please visit


Bruce Feiler Online: Website| Facebook| Twitter

Key Topics:

  • Why do an investigative book on the story of Adam and Eve?
  • Is the story of Adam and Eve still relevant today?
  • Are we talking an original myth???
  • What did Saint Augustine say about viewing Adam and Eve verbatim?
  • What was he investigating in Iraq after the fall of Saddam?
  • What did Jesus call the most important commandment in the Hebrew Bible?
  • What does it mean to truly love your neighbor like yourself – and what’s the deep meaning behind this?
  • Why did he visit the Sistine chapel, and what can it teach us about Adam and eve?
  • What does loneliness have to do with the story of Adam and Eve?
  • What’s so remarkable about the depiction in the Sistine Chapel?
  • How did Michelangelo depict Adam and Eve and how was it meant to elevate women in the church.
  • What was Michelangelo trying to tell us?
  • Was “Original Sin” originally part of the Adam and Eve story?
  • What’s the missing part or the forgotten part of the Adam and Eve story?
  • Why is it important that the story was mentioned twice in the bible, and what’s the real meaning behind this?
  • What was the sex scandal in Adam and Eve and who was Lilith?
  • What does it mean that Adam and Eve separated and got back together?
  • What are they teaching us about the meaning of love and relationships?
  • What really happened in the story after they left the garden, and why don’t people know about this?
  • Is exile something possible?
  • How did Adam and Eve choose Love?
  • What can we learn from Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton about women’s rights and Eve?
  • What’s so special about Adam and Eve coming back together?
  • What’s the lesson about families taught through the story of Adam and Eve?
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