How to Discover Your Soul Path & The Live the Life You Were Meant to Lead

Learn how to find your dream job, career, or path in life feeling fulfilled & aligned with your life’s purpose. Gain guidance, direction, inspiration & hope!

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Bonus: Meditation with Sue Frederick

Leave your fears, worries & burdens behind with this meditation designed to help you raise your energy, overcome challenges & move ahead!


We’ve been talking a lot lately about bringing out the gifts within each us and living your greatest life. But what do we do if we don’t know our gifts inside of us, or have no idea where to turn with them?

Well, as the expression goes, who you gonna call…ghost busters? No in this case you’d call Sue Frederick, a Career Intuitive, and author of I See Your Dream Job: A Career Intuitive Shows You How to Discover What You Were Put on Earth to Do. Sue helps people discover their greatest path and wrote a beautiful book I see your dream job.

In this episode, we’ll cut through a bit of the confusion, and talk about uncovering our gifts and discovering our own paths, whether that’s in our current field, a new field, or somewhere out in Far Left Field. In short, today we’ll learn how to unwrap the gifts we came here with to discover what on earth you were meant to do.

That, plus we’ll learn ENERGETIC PERSONAL RESUCITATION, OR EPR, or how in the world to tun up our vibes and shine extra bright!


Key Topics:


  • what it means to follow your soul path
  • using different tools to intuit your soul path
  • the importance of meditation and listening to your inner voice/intuition
  • determining what your gifts are
  • why you should do what you run from
  • how to connect the dots once you know what you’re passionate about
  • what taking baby steps looks like
  • using a meditation practice to access intuition
  • Om Namashiviya: a Sanskrit mantra and its meaning
  • what takes place at higher frequency and energy realms
  • how to practice gratitude
  • tapping into the innate sweetness inside of each one of us
  • bringing your true nature  to work, to relationships
  • getting past ego, get past personality, get past fear
  • helping people bring out their “sweetness”
  • from “Debbie Downer” to “Thank You Dad”
  • using laughter to slay the downer dragon
  • why you must take action immediately after you’ve discovered your path
  • counseling kids on their greatness


Intuitive and author Sue Frederick, has been featured in the New York Times and has presented workshops at venues such as Omega Institute, The Crossings Retreat Center, Naropa University, Shambhala Retreat Center, Loyola University, American Business Women’s Association and the National Career Development Association.

Her work has been featured in Self Magazine, Real Simple Magazine, Yoga Journal, Natural Health, New York Times, and Nexus Magazines.

An intuitive since childhood and a professional career counselor trained at University of Missouri, Sue draws upon a unique combination of ancient mystical teachings, powerful intuition, and current career knowledge. Her books and classes show people how to tap into their own powerful intuitive guidance and access it to navigate career and relationships. Her highly acclaimed books, I See Your Dream Job & I See Your Soul Mate, are roadmaps for manifesting the work you came here to do and the love you came to experience.


Sue Frederick Online: Website | Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn 


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