How to Relax & Leave Your Worries Behind

Learn how to be present in the moment to leave your fear, worries & anxiety behind and instead approach life more relaxed & happier!

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the-anxiety-coaches-podcast-with-kevin-davisIf you’ve ever felt a twisting in your gut, nervous, anxious, or a dreaded fear that just won’t go away, like there’s a piano just above you getting ready to fall, then you are NOT alone, and do we have the show for you!

Today I’m interviewing Kevin Davis, Anxiety Coach and Co-Host of the top-rated The Anxiety Coaches Podcast!

We’ll talk about why we all face anxiety, what it means, and most importantly what we can do to leave it behind. Anxiety shouldn’t stop us from loving the lives we lead, or leading the lives we’d love.

Plus we’ll also look at what to do when panic does come up, so we’re not immobilized or feeling sick to our stomach.

Today we’ll cut those strings to the dangling piano, and work to free ourselves from the fear so we can truly Live Fearlessly.


Key Topics:

  • Kevin’s near fatal car accident
  • what is PTSD?
  • what is CPTSD – Complex PTSD
  • how anxiety and PTSD involves daily triggers and replaying of the events
  • leads to not trusting one’s body
  • how Kevin pulled himself out of the hole
  • how daily relaxation time trains your brain to calm down
  • as long as you’re human and have a pulse, you’ll experience some anxiety at some point.
  • worrying about things that may or may not happen in the future
  • Lao Tzu on Anxiety and Depression
  • the how to’s – There is no simple rescue, it is a practice
  • how focusing on the past leads to depression
  • how focusing on the future leads to anxiety
  • finding the trick that works for you to force yourself back into the moment
  • how a snapping a rubber-band on your wrist can force you back to the present moment
  • what is Anticipatory Anxiety and how to control it
  • how to use visualization for success to control & eliminate anxiety
  • key point: don’t let your thoughts have so much power!


Kevin is an Anxiety Coach and Certified Stress Management Coach, who specializes in Trauma, PTSD, and generalized anxiety and panic disorders. He previously suffered from panic attacks, anxiety, and PTSD. Thanks to anxiety coaching, mindfulness training, and meditation along with a healthy diet he has been able to get the anxiety and PTSD under control! Since then he’s spent the last 13 years helping countless others change their lifestyle and become more healthy.

Kevin is passionate about learning as much as he can in order to help relieve those suffering with anxiety and panic. He is constantly reading and writing books, research, and articles related to trauma and anxiety.  He received his bachelor’s degree in exercise science from Western Illinois University and has held certifications in sports nutrition, personal training, CrossFit, and strength and conditioning.  He is also in the process of obtaining a Master’s degree in counseling with an emphasis in crisis response and trauma.


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