How to Rise Above Challenges

Discover the secret to overcoming any challenge. Bruce Van Horn, author of Worry No More & host of Life is a Marathon, shares his inspiring story from bankruptcy, losing a daughter, divorce & cancer; how he came back, and how to overcome challenges too!

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If you’ve ever struggled to overcome life’s hurdles, whether large or small, than this interview with Bruce Van Horn, Author of Worry No More! 4 Steps to Stop Worrying and Start Living and host of the top self-help podcast Life is a Marathon is for you.

Bruce shares his story from bankruptcy (twice) to losing a young daughter, to divorce, full-custody of his two boys, to going from couch-potato to marathon runner, then stage 4 cancer, scary surgery, and now life back on track!

This is a heartfelt interview, from someone who’s been there, and has learned how to overcome any challenge that comes his way.

If you love a great inspirational and motivational comeback story, filled with helpful tips to give you greater peace, joy, and success in your life, then this is the interview for you!!!


Key Topics:

  • living life in gratitude
  • why he feels blessed by all of his challenges, even cancer
  • how he overcame incredible despair, depression, and fear
  • what you can do to overcome your own challenges, whether in business, or as an entrepreneur, in parenting, with health issues, cancer, or even financial woes
  • the 4 key steps we each need to take to thrive
  • letting go of fear and anxiety
  • mindfulness, and staying in the present moment


Bruce Van Horn Online: Website | Facebook | Twitter


Bruce’s Podcast: Life is a Marathon Podcast


Books by Bruce Van Horn:

Worry No More! 4 Steps to Stop Worrying and Start Living

You CAN Go the Distance! Marathon Training Guide: Advice, Plans & Motivation for All Runners


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