Secrets to Massive Success – Doing What You Love!

If you’ve ever wanted to break free from the mold, discover massive success and live the life of your dreams then this interview with Scott Smith, host of The Daily Boost, the #1 self-help podcast is for you!

Scott’s life wasn’t all roses, which we talk about on the show. But he’s chased his dreams, becoming incredibly successful in the process. He shares how he started, overcame massive roadblocks, and how he stepped way outside of his comfort to become an incredible success.

This interview is chock-full of how-to advice on building your own incredible success, whether that’s greater prosperity, better health, the partner of your dreams, or being that super entrepreneur, building the business you’ve dreamed of.

You’ll learn how to perfect your craft. Build healthy habits. Get unstuck and live life without regrets. Like the Law of Attraction, you’ll learn how to pull success into your life while doing what you love.

If you want massive success and are willing to work for it, you CAN do it, and than this interview will show you how!


Background on Scott Smith:

Scott Smith is the founder and Chief Motivating Officer of, The Daily Boost Podcast, #1 Daily Self-Help Show on iTunes, and in his words, has been in broadcasting for perhaps a million years. He got into it straight out of high school as a radio personality and spent more 25 years as a disc jockey, on-camera spokesperson, actor, voice over talent and doing just about anything else you could get paid for in that industry.

You’ve probably heard him on the Golf Channel, ESPN, CNN, FOX and most other networks. Or, you might have heard him at Universal Studios here in Orlando or on board Disney Cruise ships.

He also formed a radio/television production company in Orlando and went on to produce thousands of projects large and small for clients like the Children’s Miracle Network, Weight Watchers, NASA as well as serving as a freelance producer for ABC and Fox television networks.

Scott has also struggled with a weight problem nearly his entire life, something we’ll dive into in this episode. Actually, what I’m most excited to talk to him about is how he’s found his own path in life, and helped others to find theirs, whether that’s getting healthy and moving again, finding career direction, or stepping outside your comfort-zone to finally reach for your dreams.

Scott’s life hasn’t been without hardship in 2006, he lost Sheryl, the love of his life and mother of his two grown kids, Carolyn and Austin, yet in 2008, miraculously discovered a new love, Joi, and they’ve been married almost ever since.


Key Topics:

  • Scott shares how he got into broadcasting and podcasting
  • how you can perfect your own craft, whatever it is
  • the importance of getting out of your comfort zone
  • the strange challenges that happen when you become successful
  • why you should be wary of trying to make everyone love you
  • how true motivation comes within
  • why truly successful people ditch support group
  • why it’s critical to choose your friends wisely
  • how “following the breadcrumbs” ensures you won’t have regrets in life
  • how to easily get unstuck in life and find direction
  • a simple way to break bad habits like eating a poor diet
  • the power of “failing super fast” and how you can use failure to your advantage
  • why you should focus on just one thing at a time


Top 3 Pieces of Advice

  1. Life begins when you move, so get outside…
  2. Take the blinders off and be aware of the background noise…
  3. Rise above the interference physically or intellectually…


Scott Smith Online: Website | Facebook | Twitter

Scott’s Podcasts:

The Daily Boost Podcast
Husband. Wife. Talking. Life.

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