What’s Your Pet Saying? Talking with Dogs & Cats

Want to communicate better with your pet, understand what they’re thinking, help them be happier, and potentially overcome any behavioral challenges? If so then this heartwarming interview with Tim Link, animal whisperer extraordinaire is for you!

Tim Link is author of the fun and entertaining book, Talking with Dogs and Cats: Joining the Conversation to Improve Behavior and Bond with Your Animals.

Find the secret to talking with your dog or cat. How to hear what they have to say. Learn the best ways to change behaviors, prevent bad ones, and train your animal to truly be your best friend. And vice-versa, to help your animal let you know what he or she wants.

You’ll also learn how to be more mindful, present, and meditative with your pet. And how to open your heart and stay in a positive place, and its importance for your dog or cat.

You’ll learn how to eliminate their anxiety, and cultivate greater love with your animal. You’ll learn their likes and dislikes, and why they do the strange and funny things they do!

You’ll also understand a pet’s passing or dying better, heal old wounds, and learn how you can connect and communicate with your dog or cat on the other side. He even discusses animal reincarnation!!!

And you’ll learn how and why kids can communicate so easily with pets and what they need to know.

This is an entertaining, heartwarming interview that’ll leave you racing home to pet, hearing what they have to say, and creating an even stronger bond and relationship with your animal. Be it dog or cat, they have a lot to say, and you’ll learn how to listen!

Key Topics:

  • how Tim discovered he could talk with animals
  • how we can all communicate with animals
  • what we should communicate to them and when
  • what’s the best way to train our animals
  • how to tell if a pet isn’t doing well
  • why our pets understand much more than we think
  • what we should tell them when we leave the house

And we discussed much, much more. I consider myself a good “pet daddy” but I don’t think I’ll ever treat my pets the same way again. I think this one interview will do wonders for my skills as a pet parent, an animal lover, and to help open my heart. If you love animals or have a pet, I highly recommend his book.

Thank you Tim for the beautiful interview!


Tim Link Online: Website | Facebook | Twitter


Talking with Dogs and Cats: Joining the Conversation to Improve Behavior and Bond with Your Animals by Tim Link

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