How to Succeed at Massive Dreams

Michael Sandler interviews James Lawrence, aka The Iron Cowboy, just weeks after completing 50 Ironmans (that includes 50 marathons!) in 50 states in 50 days. Find out just how such a feat was pulled off, the kind of conviction it takes and belief in oneself and the lessons you can start teaching your children.

If you’ve ever faced a whopping big challenge, or wanted to achieve at something so massive, others said it couldn’t be done, then whether you’re a business entrepreneur, athlete, or simply chasing your dreams, then this interview with James Lawrence, AKA the Iron Cowboy is for you!

James didn’t just set a world-record, he blew it out of the water. 50 50 50, 50 Ironman Marathons in 50 States in 50 Days. But he didn’t do it out of ego, but out of faith, trust, conviction, and yes, determination. He also had the incredible love and support of his family.

To James, his family doesn’t just come along for the ride, but is an integral part of his success, and he uses his endeavors to help teach his kids.

James shares what it took for this ultra-marathon endeavor, from fueling, to logistics, to teamwork, timing, and so much more. He also shares his faith and spirituality, his mental strength, and why he believed there was no way he wouldn’t succeed.

On top of that, he shares two self-help key ingredients. 1st, mindfulness, remaining in the present moment, no matter what. 2nd, doing small tasks consistently over a long period of time. You’ll learn more about this and more in this fascinating interview with a champion who didn’t believe failure was an option.

You’ll learn about success and yourself, about climbing your own mountains, about what it takes to accomplish really big dreams, and the nuts and bolts to get it done!

Last, you’ll hear about the importance of family, of teaching our kids important lessons, and about what truly matters most.

Prepare to be motivated, inspired, and on fire!!!

Key Topics:

  • what spawned the idea to do 50 ironmans in 50 states in 50 days
  • what was his greatest motivation during the difficult moments
  • what his wife and 4 children did each day during the journey
  • how potential sponsors reacted to his project
  • why it blew his mind when people would question his ability to complete the journey
  • how James prepared mentally and logistically (think 3 vehicles, 3 bikes…)
  • how James dealt with the pain of a shoulder injury
  • why James never needed self-pep talks
  • why James intentionally physically under-prepared
  • 5 types of recovery that James recommends for everyone
  • James’ lifetime of mental preparation starting with wrestling for 12 years
  • why James was never nervous, even the day he flew to Hawaii to start the journey
  • why the police pulled them over in the middle of the first race
  • why James says you need to have a certain swagger to pull off such an endeavor
  • what were the biggest logistic concerns during the first 5 races
  • why he did the first ironman without sleeping prior
  • alter ego – James vs the Iron Cowboy (don’t mess with Iron Cowboy)
  • why his documentary film crew stopped talking to him
  • how James relied on faith for guidance, support, comfort, clearing the path
  • James recalls a couple miracle events
  • the activity with his eldest daughter that was the highlight of each day
  • the lie that he told interviewers every single day
  • what his daily diet entailed
  • advice for raising kids that will grow up to contribute to society
  • shout outs to James’ kids: Lucy 12, Lily 10, Daisey 9, Dolly 7, Quinn 6, to his wife, who he refers to as “the rock” and to his team Casey & Aaron


Top 5 Pieces of Advice:

  1. enjoy the journey and be present…
  2. whatever you choose to do, do it with 100% conviction…
  3. forget the fads and go back to the basics and hyperfocus…
  4. nothing in life is accomplished by yourself…
  5. no goal is too big, do a lot of little things consistently over a long period of time…



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Jame Oliver Foundation: specializing in fighting the childhood obesity crisis in the US and practical food education in schools

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