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How to Discover Your Inner Greatness and Leap Past the Law of Attraction for your Greatest Life Possible! Success! Happiness! Joy! Fulfillment! All through the Law of Emergence

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Do you ever feel there’s greatness inside of you, a higher purpose or calling, something grander more meant for your life, if you could only figure out what it is or how in the world to tap into it. If so then do we have the show for you!

Today we’ll be talking with Derek Rydell prominent life, business, & career coach to Emmy and Academy Award Winner,s Fortune 500 execs, and evolutionary leaders in business, spirituality and the healing arts. And he’s the best-selling author of several books, including Emergence: Seven Steps for Radical Life Change.

I must say, Emergence it one of the most radical books on life change I’ve read, but I mean that in a GREAT way.

For Derek Rydall empowers you to be your most amazing self, one much grander than you ever could have imagined!

So today we’ll talk about Emergence 101, about understanding who we truly are, how to discover our gifts, and to grow from the tiny humble acorn, to the magnificent oak, we were each meant to be!

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Key Topics:

  • Struggled to drive across bridge without pulling it off the edge
  • Why he was suicidal & addicted to drugs and alcohol
  • Derek’s story for self improvement, which didn’t work.
  • What “the end of self improvement” really means
  • Why “self-improvement” is an oxymoron
  • Coral reef near-death experience – had to surrender
  • Discovered the “self” trying to improve was a fiction
  • Went to monastery to become a monk
  • Learned we’re not broken
  • Instead we must learn how to dust off the perfection which is already there
  • We are already perfect, whole and complete!
  • The challenge with the Law of Attraction
  • Attracting from a limited perspective creates a barrier or resistance to what is already trying to emerge.
  • Law of attraction – manifestation cycle – why it often doesn’t work
  • The true meaning of whole-work, not homework.
  • How to tune in to your true self
  • How to know “you are already whole and complete”
  • Why ego and “the tribe” get in our way
  • THE EMERGENCE MODEL – whatever’s “missing” is what you’re not giving
  • Why emergence is the “ultimate weight loss program”
  • How to turn on the divine power within


After a life-changing near-death experience, Derek Rydall seriously considered becoming a monk, then a minister, then cloistered himself in his apartment without TV or news and meditated for several years — finally emerging to become a licensed integrative therapist and adopt a monk (that’s another story). He went on to train top executives in Fortune 500 companies (such as American Express, Disney, Carrier, Hartford Insurance, and CBS) in relationship-building and deeper communication, coach thousands of artists and entertainment professionals on how to create more enlightened entertainment, and has worked with a diverse array of people around the planet, helping them to live a more passionate, purposeful life.

As an author, Derek has written three books, Emergence – Seven Steps For Radical Life Change, and the Amazon best-sellers “I Could’ve Written a Better Movie than that!” (Michael Wiese, March 2006) and “There’s No Business Like Soul Business: A Spiritual Path to Enlightened Screenwriting, Filmmaking, and Performing Arts” (Michael Wiese, Feb. 2007), as well as articles for online and offline magazines such as Spirituality & Health, The Writers Store, Inktip, Pen & Quill, Script, and more. As a professional screenwriter, he has sold or been hired to develop over 20 feature film screenplays and a dozen hours of TV (with studios such as Fox, Universal, Sony, MPCA, UA, Disney, Miramax, and indy producers). As an actor, Derek has starred in several films and TV shows.

As a spiritual practitioner and teacher, Derek has held leadership positions at Agape International Truth Center, one of the nation’s largest and fastest growing spiritual communities with over 10,000 members and a vast worldwide network. He has been a star speaker at top entertainment expos, led sold-out courses at The Learning Annex, drawn standing-room only crowds at events in the U.S. and abroad, done interviews on numerous radio and TV programs, and continues to coach, motivate, and inspire thousands of individuals through his own communities at EnlightenedEntertainer.com, ScriptwriterCentral.com, and DerekRydall.com.


Derek Rydall Online: Website | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube

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