How to Upgrade Your Life (& Sex Drive) with Simple Changes to Your Breath

Learn how to boost your sex drive, dramatically improve your sleep, health & well-being, plus reduce weight, quiet your mind & even improve asthma, all by changing how you breathe! Even erectile dysfunction!

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Bonus: Meditation with Patrick McKeown

A Beautiful Soothing Meditation to Put Your Body, Mind & Soul at Ease. Helps relax & rewire the body for greater focus, patience & inner peace throughout your day, plus melts stress away.


If you’ve ever wanted to reduce stress, feel better, supercharge your health, take control of your weight, sleep better, or simply to quiet your mind, then do we have the show for you!!!

Today we’ll be talking with Patrick McKeown, a world leading expert in Breathing, Health, Fitness, and Asthma, and author of the groundbreaking book, The Oxygen Advantage: The Simple, Scientifically Proven Breathing Techniques for a Healthier, Slimmer, Faster, and Fitter You.

Now I’m biased, I’ve used Patrick’s techniques for years, and have been blown away by the results. I’ve taught it to my athletes, to everyone I coach, and I even try and include it in my meditations. I’ve found his techniques to be life as well as health transformative.

So today we’ll be talking about simple changes in your breath you can make to feel better, reduce stress, supercharge your fitness, eliminate asthma and shortness of breath, help you sleep better, and even to lose weight.


Key Topics:

  • Why everyone, from CEO’s to athletes needs to learn about breathing
  • The Oxygen Paradox
  • How an asthmatic became a world-leader in breathing education
  • How to breathe when you’re stressed
  • Why a “deep breath” isn’t really a deep breath
  • Why proper breathing at rest is so important
  • The danger of “overbreathing”
  • The Bohr Effect and why it’s so important to ALL of us
  • Why Carbon Dioxide isn’t what we thought it was
  • How to take your own BOLT (Body Oxygen Level Test) & why it’s so important
  • Why Noses are for Breathing and Mouths are for Eating
  • Why Nitric Oxide is so important for the body – an only comes from the nose!
  • Nitric Oxide is also the mechanism for Viagra!
  • Why taping your nose at night, may stimulate you for extra-curricular activities in the morning!
  • How Nasal Breathing At Night Stimulates Sex-Drive and Libido in both Men and Women
  • Why baby are obligatory nasal breathers
  • If baby’s become mouth breathers they are at high risk of sudden death syndrome
  • Processed foods may be leading to mouth breathing
  • Why nasal breathing creates perfect faces for kids and babies
  • Affects overall health of child for entire life
  • Dramatically affects sleep of a child (sleep apnea)
  • Link between ADHD and breathing habits
  • Documented Native America traditions–mothers would close baby’s mouths after breast-feeding
  • Robert Fright – Hyperventilation syndrome – nose removes ¾’s of germs and bacteria from incoming air.
  • How to decongest the nose
  • How to reset the respiratory process in the brain
  • How breath-holding changes your fitness levels
  • How to simulate high-altitude training through breath-holding
  • Why stress & quick breathing makes it difficult to think.
  • How to get more oxygen to the brain
  • A simple exercise to quiet the mind
  • How to use breathing to get your best night’s sleep!
  • How to eliminate asthma by changing how you breath
  • How to lose weight through changes in the breath


Patrick McKeown was educated at Trinity College, Dublin, and later studied under the auspices of the founder of the Buteyko Method; the late Dr Konstantin Buteyko. From a very young age, Patrick suffered from asthma and relied on an array of medicines and inhalers until he discovered the Buteyko Method at the age of 26. By applying the principals from Dr Buteyko, Patrick experienced immediate relief from his asthmatic symptoms – a feat that over 20 years of medication had failed to accomplish. Learning to breathe through his nose and reducing his breathing volume positively changed his life in so many ways.

For the first time ever, Patrick’s asthma was under control. This life-changing discovery motivated him to change his career in order to help children and adults who suffered from similar breathing problems. Following his time in Russia in 2002, Patrick has been teaching the Buteyko Method in Australia, USA and throughout Europe. He has penned eight books, including three best sellers, and has been invited to speak at dental and respiratory conferences throughout the world.
In collaboration with the University of Limerick, Patrick was the instructor in a clinical study investigating the Buteyko Method as a treatment for rhinitis in asthma. As published in the leading rhinitis journal Otolaryngology, the results showed a 70% reduction of nasal symptoms in participants, including snoring, loss of smell, nasal congestion and difficulty breathing through the nose.

Patrick’s message is simple; breathe through your nose in a calm, gentle and efficient manner. That’s all that matters.


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