How to Let the Force of Love That Created You, Guide You

Discover Why the Law of Attraction & the Secret Can Leave You Exhausted, While Outrageous Openness Leaves You Recharged, Rejuvenated & At One with Your Highest Good!

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Bonus: Meditation with Tosha Silver

Relax and Release Your Burdens to the Universe or the Divine. You’ll Feel Lighter, More At Ease, and More Connected & Centered, Body, Mind & Soul!


We’re always talking about how YOU can improve yourself and YOU can change your life, but it’s often exhausting and filled with worry, and how do we know what’s best for us anyway?

Well if you’ve ever wondered if you’re trying too hard, striving in the wrong direction, or have no idea where to go-or how to right the ship, then do we have the show for you!

In this episode, we talk with Tosha Silver, and she’s here not a minute too soon! She’s the best-selling author of Outrageous Openness: Letting the Divine Take the Lead and the recently released Change Me Prayers: The Hidden Power of Spiritual Surrender.

Today we’re going to talk about a very powerful way to live. It’s called Outrageous Openness, or how to be open to the world around us and the divine within. In other words, how to seek a divine plan so life happens through us, and for us, rather than by us. That, plus why giving away your Seinfeld collection, may just set you free.


Key Topics:

  • life happening through you and for you, rather than by you
  • Tosha’s Story: sick for 3 years & felt hopeless
  • how to stay out of the trap of striving, wanting, and worrying
  • creating space rather than pushing to make something happen
  • not about asking for help with “my” problem
  • offer it to the divine and say “show me the first step”
  • the trouble with the Law of Attraction
  • attraction according to your level of vibration
  • a divine plan that’s greater than your own plan
  • how do you let go without losing your grandest vision
  • think of what you’re doing on behalf of love & love knows all the steps that need to happen
  • instead of saying “I need”, say “I offer”
  • what it means to bless the obstacles
  • why Tosha recommends a sacred fire for our vision board
  • how to use very simple prayers & meditation to invite Love as an ally
  • having a God Box – putting all of your worries in your God Box
  • how to let go (of Seinfeld) and de-clutter
  • the breadcrumb trail–when you offer your desires to the divine, you are shown a trail
  • offering does not mean passivity
  • how to cultivate your inner knowing
  • it’s not do more, strive more, give more, but instead get centered and OFFER back
  • completely different re-calibration of your energy
  • what surrendering really means


Tosha graduated from Yale with a degree in English Literature but along the way fell madly in love with yogic philosophy. For the past 30 years she has taught people around the world ways to align with Inner Love. She lives near San Francisco, where she runs an online school about these ideas called, “Living Outrageous Openness: Think Like a Goddess”. This offers an ongoing way to support those who truly want to live these beautiful, ancient practices. You can also join her on Facebook by liking her author page where she writes a few times a week.

She particularly enjoys finding fresh, funny ways to invite and embrace the Divine, while avoiding conventional jargon and cliches at all cost. She loves how the sacred and the mundane are truly One. The guidance from the Inner Divine begins to lead when it is sincerely invited….by anyone.


Tosha Silver Online: Website | Facebook

Living Outrageous Openness Forum:


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