How to Change Your Beliefs to Change Your Life (Law of Attraction 2.0)

Learn how to take The Secret & Law of Attraction to the Next Level – We all know thoughts create things but Executive Coach Kimberly Heart helps us rewire our minds & hearts to master our beliefs.

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We all know thoughts create things, and that changing our thoughts can change our reality. We’ve known it since Napoleon Hill and his timeless classic, “Think and Grow Rich.”

But while people have written hundreds of books on it over the last 30-50 years, none of them address the how-to of changing our beliefs!

Kimberley Heart, ultra-successful career coach to Fortune 500 and 100 CEO’s, top exec’s, and entrepreneurs does just that, diving into your subconscious and how to rewire your hearts, your minds, and your life!

Not only is Kimberley a trusted advisor and transformational business leader, she’s also the inspirational author of Get Love: How to Transform Your Love Life.

This is a talk about changing yourself to attract everything you desire into your life. Whether that’s healthier relationships, a better job, the love of your life, greater happiness, everything all starts on the inside. So she shows you how to recognize and begin the process of change…AND how to do it without needing a cosmic hit with a 2×4.

In our society we hold up people who martyr themselves for change–Kimberley talks about how kind, gentle, and loving change can be for yourself, and that it doesn’t require pain. In fact, self-love is the most important place to start and to attract into your life everything you desire.


Key Topics:

  • reprogramming your subconscious
  • fixing your inner wiring
  • moving past the programming you’ve had since you were a child or “the seven year old driving the ship”
  • healing your inner child & the subconscious
  • working with a mentor to help you make the big changes
  • how important it is to work on yourself for your kids
  • putting the oxygen mask on yourself first
  • the value of helping others and changing the world
  • change yourself first and foremost to change the world


Having led intensive retreats for couples, single women and men, Kimberley has been a couples counselor and relationship expert for over 30 years. In her private practice, Kimberley transformed relationships  from a dying love to a metamorphosis experience. Her retreats for single women focus on the truth of their desires instead of the wants of family and society.

As an advisor for executives at Fortune 500 companies such as Hewlett-Packard, and leaders at learning institutes such as California Institute of Technology, Kimberley’s work has literally shaped hundreds of leader’s careers. As a post-trauma expert, with multiple degrees in sociology, psychology and psychiatry Kimberley also founded a revolutionary method of responding to the psychological needs of tens of thousands after a major disaster.  She has hosted her own radio talk shows on both coasts, and is generally recognized as the “go to” expert for the major networks for counsel on how to successfully navigate the emotional distress of disasters both natural and man-made.

Kimberley marries a unique philosophy of compassionate honesty; saying what others only think.  And, as an expert in transformational change, she believes that the most phenomenal change that we can make is to change how we love.


Kimberley Heart Online: Website | Facebook | LinkedIn | Twitter

Get Love: Facebook


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