Good Morning Shiny Beacon of Light!

I was sitting in bed yesterday, doing a brief meditation, feeling at peace, but not feeling like my inner-flame was at full capacity.

And so I shifted my awareness from myself, to sending love to my wife, who was meditating nearby. I simply focused on sending her love while timing it with each breathe.

I felt better, she (likely) felt better, and Sir Meowsers, our very proud kitty cat who had curled up in her lap began to purr quite loudly as he stared in my direction.

There’s a powerful meditation technique called metta-kindness or loving-kindness.

In this meditation you’re sending love or kindness from yourself to everyone around you, going from those closest (in proximity or importance), to those all over the planet (or beyond).

Rather than giving you that full meditation today, I’d just say, take 5 minutes, 2 minutes, even 1 minute to go still and send love to someone you care about. Since it’s mother’s day, why not mom?

Just do it without expectation, without judgment, or without the need for them to change in any way. If not mom then another loved-one, whether nearby, across town, or half-way around the world.

Chances are you’ll feel much better, brighter, and energized…and likely so will they!

And yes, even, or especially if you have a challenged relationship with someone, this can be an amazing experience.

Wishing you a beautiful mother’s day ahead!

Keep Shining Bright!!!

Michael /