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INSPIRE #242: How to Discover Your Intuitive Gifts & Map a New Reality + Guided Meditation!

Dr Therese Rowley Shares How To Discover Your Intuitive Gifts To Live the Life of Your Dreams! Plus Guided Meditation!

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If you’ve ever felt there’s more to life than just what meets the eye, and want to learn how to tap into it, for greater success, happiness, and peace in all that you do, then do we have the show for you!

Today I’ll be talking with Dr. Therese Rowley, Business Consultant to Fortune 500 companies and CEO’s, adjunct faculty at top universities including Northwestern, medium, intuitive, and the author of a fascinating book, Mapping a New Reality: Discovering Intuitive Intelligence (Volume 1).

And that’s what I want to talk with Therese about today, about uncovering your own unique intuitive gifts, learning how to use them, and mapping your own reality.

That plus we’ll talk about Shirley Maclain, institutionailizing retreats, a Clairol makeup mirror, why Plato is About to Croak, and who in the world was Just Jennifer

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Therese Rowley, Ph.D., is passionate about supporting global leaders to operate in full power, high energy and clear focus that supports their meaningful engagement in business and in life.

Through her company, Accelerated Alignment, Dr. Rowley is a trusted advisor to CEOs and C Suite executives as they make high impact business decisions, and she supports them through the challenges of personal and organizational transformation. As a consultant, educator, speaker, author and skilled intuitive, she uses her intuitive ability to reveal hidden data, resulting in more powerful, precise and accelerated business decisions. She has provided thousands of intuitive readings, and she sees intuitive intelligence as an essential literacy for 21st century leaders.

Her work with Fortune 500 as well as with small company business leaders in facilitating large scale change in industries such as telecommunications, manufacturing, market research, marketing/communications, real estate development, and


Dr Therese Rowley Online: Website | Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn

Key Topics:

  • Why does Caroline Mystic call you a Mystic without a Monastery
  • Why she wanted to be priest
  • What happened at Communion?
  • What was the fierce voice she heard at 9
  • How she let go of the attachment of anything that wasn’t the source of love
  • Why it’s important to ask ‘what does that mean to you?’
  • Why we draw drama into our lives
  • How hard is it to stay in that connected place
  • How do we discover our own gifts
  • How do we define the truth – and what is it?
  • How has she balanced heart and head, balancing gifts with the corporate side
  • What ho’oponopono can help
  • How does she get her messages when she does an intuitive reading
  • What is clairsentient
  • How do we begin to break the cycle with our emotions.
  • How we get in our own way with the Law of Attraction
  • Gregg Braden and The God Code – and how prayer works
  • How do we pray for ourselves?
  • How everything is love
  • How fear can help us
  • How do we help kids coming in today who have very strong intuitive minds
  • Why kids are getting misdiagnosed (Jim Web Misdiagnosed Gifted Children)
  • What are “Twice Exceptional Kids”
  • Psychic Kids Conference in Ashland Oregon
  • – can find tab for parents, and free material to help children
  • Also intuitive readings and mastermind parents groups for communities

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