INSPIRE #200: How to Discover Your Psychic Abilities & Tune in with Tarot!

John Holland Shows Us How to Discover, Develop & Strengthen the Psychic Abilities Inside Each of Us, Plus How to Use Psychic Tarot Cards & a Guided ‘Raising the Power’ Meditation.

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If you’ve wondered how to tap into your soul, get inner guidance or wisdom, or connect with your higher self, then do we have the show for you!

Today I’ll be talking with John Holland, best-selling author, radio-show host, and one of the top psychic mediums and spiritual teachers in the country. He’s also the creator of some of the most interesting or accurate sets of tarot cards we’ve ever worked with.

Today we’ll talk about psychic tarot, plus tapping in to your own inner guidance, for greater peace, happiness, and love in your life, plus growing your own intuitive gifts.

That plus we’ll talk about unsolved mysteries, falling out of trees, and what in the world is spiritual book camp.

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John Holland, author of the best-selling Spirit Whisperer, is one of the top psychic mediums and spiritual teachers in the United States. Host of the weekly Internet radio show, Spirit Connections, he has helped thousands of people reconnect with beloved family members and friends who have died, often with spectacular results. He’s frequently heard to say: “Your Loved Ones Are Just A Thought Away.”


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Key Topics:

  • Why John was always the different one or the sensitive one in the family
  • How John began to see things
  • What happened at a janitor’s cave when John was a child
  • What was unusual about Grandma Rose and Aunt Shirley
  • How Aunt Shirley would win horse races with her gifts
  • How John had to keep his abilities quiet
  • How the family’s home was miraculously spared when an entire block of apartment buildings burned
  • What happened as a boy when he fell out of a tree
  • The miraculously occurrence while driving on the 10 in LA
  • How our soul tries to talk with us.
  • What was John’s wake-up call just after 30
  • Why John is so thankful for his wake-up call
  • What was the Arthur Findley college or ‘spiritual boot camp’
  • What’s the difference between a psychic and a medium
  • Can we all raise our vibes to touch on mediumship?
  • How John can teach mediumship
  • What’s a development circle
  • What is spiritualism and what happened to John in England (and how synchronistic events took place)
  • What is Psychic Tarot and how did it come about?
  • How did John make his tarot cards
  • A tarot card reading to show how it works.
  • How to trust your feelings
  • How to move past the fear or resistance when you’re using your intuition
  • What’s the most important question to ask when it comes to intuition
  • What’s the importance of asking “is it coming from me or to me”
  • How do you know it’s not you?
  • How to tell the difference between intuition and imagination
  • How to tell if you’re clairsentient, clairvoyant, or clairaudience (which is the hardest to develop)
  • Can a husband and wife develop their clairaudience to ‘walkie talkie’ between the two of them?
  • What are the keys to developing your skills:
    1. Meditation
    2. Chakra
    3. Aura
    4. Breath
  • Why you want to stay grounded as you develop your spiritual gifts
  • What you need to do for mediumship
  • What meditation helps, and how it helps for practicing readings
  • How John works with the SPCA & the Koda Fund
  • Why you want to do something nice this week for someone out of the blue
  • What’s the ‘ripple effect’
  • Why it’s so important to know you are a soul that comes with a body
  • A short “Raising the Power” meditation

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