Recently I was told how much Jessica and I have changed and was asked what the #1 thing is we’ve done.

It’s what we’ve learned through automatic writing, or more specifically how open-hearted we’ve become through the process.

Automatic writing calls it becoming an Open-Hearted Warrior – which is a bit odd, as we don’t ever use the word warrior or fighting.

It’s never been in our vocabulary, up until now, anyway.

To be open-hearted, or to be an open hearted warrior, means to drop down out of the thinking mind, out of the part of you that can THINK of why it’s a bad idea to do something, say something or try something.

And it means to drop into the heart, where you just KNOW something is right, even if it’s scarier than heck.

To be an open-hearted warrior means to leave the thinking mind behind, the part that’s too scared to move forward, and instead to lead with your heart, no matter how things go.

For we never regret what we try, only what we do not try.

And the reason we choose not to, is because we try to protect ourselves with our minds, which is really no protection at all.

Instead, the best protection comes from dropping your shield, and leading with your heart.

Is it scary? Ask any parent and they know, leading with the heart is the scariest thing there is.

But in the long-run, there really is no other way.

And so I challenge you today to become your own open-hearted warrior.

Drop the thinking mind’s shields, the part that says, I think I should do this, I think I should do that, or if I think about it, that idea is crazy, so there’s no way I’d do that.

Drop that thinking mind cold, and ask yourself, what would love do, or what would my heart do???

Then do it, with all of your might.

Become an open-hearted warrior!

Being open-hearted, listening to your heart, taking steps forward toward your fears, is truly the only way to live.

Anything less isn’t living, but only serves to drain the life out of you over time.

To live your greatest, most ecstatic, most alive journey you can, you must work to drop your shields, allow in the fear, lean forward with your heart, and to go for it.

You truly are an open-hearted warrior, and can do or be, achieve, or receive anything you desire, IF you learn to step forward with your heart.

So get out there, go for it, take those baby steps in the open-hearted direction, and if you trip and fall, dust yourself off, and do NOT judge yourself.

Iinstead, crank that self love up to the max, lean into the fear, open that heart, and go for it again.

You can do it. And we support you, 100 percent of the way!

Jessica and I send all the love in the world your way!!!

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Have an amazing, open-hearted, shine-bright, Sunday ahead!!!

Michael, Jessica, and all the Kitty Cats, plus Zippy the Snail!