Hello Bright and Shiny Beacon of Light!

I just had a heart-warming and heart-wrenching phone call with an old dear friend of mine.

He’s stuck in a job he doesn’t like, in a company that treats him poorly.

However, he’s been there so long, it doesn’t seem simple to up and quit.

And I didn’t suggest he just leave…

What I did suggest is he open himself up to possibilities.

Once we get the ideas flowing, it’s as if we’ve already set sail to new destinations.

I call it unmooring the ship…or untying the boat, and leaving the shore behind.

We can do it in our minds, by letting our subconscious sail free.

My exercise for him was quite simple…to write down 10 things a day that he could be doing OTHER than what he’s doing now.

Now on day one that’s quite simple…but in 10 days, that could be really difficult, but that’s often where the best ideas come from.

If you feel stuck, want change, or have a goal you don’t know how to reach, keep a notebook by your bed, then each morning before you get up, write down 10 new possibilities.

They can be practical, outrageous, or even insane…but the more ideas you put down, the more you program your subconscious for change, and the more you light your heart on fire.

So give yourself permission to dream again.

Try this for at least 10 days, and see what you come up with.

Then let me know, I’d love to hear!

Enjoy your weekend and start dreaming big, REALLY big!

Shine bright!

Michael Sandler & The Inspire Nation Team