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INSPIRE #273: The Power of Smile!

Jessica Lee Shares The Power of Smile for Happiness, Well-Being & Success. Be a Law of Attraction Magnet!

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Hi Everyone, Jessica Lee here, your co-host on Inspire Nation.

If you could use more sunshine, more happiness, and more ear-to-ear grins in your day to help you feel great, then do we have the show for you!

Today I’ll be interviewing my super-happy co-host and ever-loving husband Michael Sandler about the power of the smile, and how we can put it to use on a daily basis or even a minute-by-minute basis!

We’ll talk about the power of smiling to transform your days, your relationships, even your career. We’ll talk about exercises you can do, ways to be contagious…with smiles that is, and even how to smile when the going gets really tough. Plus we’ll talk about the dangers of smiling and why it’s so difficult to do on an over-packed subway car!!!

Well welcome back to the show Michael, are you ready to shine?

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Key Topics:

  • Are people going to think you’re creepy if you smile at strangers?
  • Are you always smiling?
  • What does it mean to crank up that inner flame?
  • The importance of smiling on the inside first
  • Do you use a small smile or a big toothy grin?
  • How smiling can help raise the energy of those around us.
  • The importance of helping cashiers and those you interact with to smile.
  • The importance of finding one genuine compliment to make
  • Why we should follow the advice of Shawn Achor and Michelle Gielan on looking for the positives and sharing them.
  • Why it’s not about the smile, but really about the compassion and connection with others.
  • Why someone else’s negative is not about you.
  • The importance with engaging with others to help bring them up.
  • The power of listening to other people’s stories, to engage, and to make a new friend.
  • How to find the innate goodness inside of each one of us.
  • What’s the worst that can happen if you smile at someone?
  • The importance of knowing it’s not about you.
  • How you can bring a smile to ANY situation.
  • The importance of bringing a smile to the most difficult situations.
  • The importance of community or the Hawaiian word O’Hana – we are all one.
  • How helping others to feel good helps us to feel good.
  • When you’re cranking up the positivity in yourself, you see better opportunities for yourself.
  • What Michelle Gielan, CBS News Anchor and author Broadcasting Happiness means by a “positive lead-in”.
  • The importance of a first-thing-in-the-morning lead in or a happy-morning routine
  • The Secret and the Law of Attraction and the importance of how you start your day.
  • The importance of ending the evening on a positive note.
  • How to be your own personal alarm clock.
  • How do we begin practicing smiling?
  • The importance of cultivating and practicing self love.
  • Why it’s important to make a choice to smile or turn your emotions around.
  • Why you should try practicing smiling in a mirror, AFTER getting the basics!
  • Reprogramming, shining, and Dr. Christiane Northrup, yesterday’s interview.
  • Michael’s special smile tooth
  • How to practicing bringing up the emotion of happiness while you practice smiling.
  • What do people do if they don’t think they have a good looking smile?
  • How to practice smiling when you’re in your car, driving down the road.
  • Turn your drive time into your smile time.
  • How to have a ripple effect through your act of smile
  • How to start a global smile movement
  • How to start smiling in your home first.
  • The value of comedies and using TV as a tool that works for you, rather than against you.
  • Smiling after my near-death accident
  • The importance of smiling to overcome pain.

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