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INSPIRE #272: Why Money Isn’t the Problem–You Are!

Gary M. Douglas Shares How To Transform Your Relationship With Money for Greater Wealth, Happiness, & Fulfillment – Consider it Law of Attraction in Action!

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If you’ve ever struggled with money, to have money, keep money, make money, or even get out of debt, then do we have the money making self-help show for you!

Today, I’ll be talking with Gary M. Douglas, founder of Access Consciousness and author of 15 books including the best-seller The Place, and a fantastic book he wrote with another guest we’ve had on the show, Dr. Dain Heer, Money Isn’t The Problem, You Are.

Today, we’ll talk about the truth about money, our problems with money, what it’s all about, how to flip it on it’s head, and how much we’re truly willing to receive.

That, plus we’ll talk about dining on fine china, tithing to the church of you, and why one stick of gum too many, may have driven Dain Heer insane…

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Gary has become an internationally recognized thought leader in transforming lives and creating different choices – willing to empower people to see different possibilities and to recognize what is truly possible for them. He is the founder of Access Consciousness a personal development system designed to get you to a place of freedom in your life and living where anything is truly possible. Access is now available in 173 countries. Gary also is the author of 15 books including the best selling book The Place.

Gary is acknowledged worldwide for his unique perspectives on personal transformation that is unlike anything else in the world. He is not aligned with any particular religion or tradition. Through his writing and workshops, he gifts processes and tools that bring within reach the ease, joy and glory of life, and the magic of happiness that expand into more awareness, joy and abundance. His simple yet profound teachings have already facilitated hundreds of thousands of people throughout the world to trust their own awareness, ‘know what they know’ and to realize what they can choose that they never realized they could choose.


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Key Topics:

  • Why Gary had a poor relationship with money growing up
  • Why he couldn’t afford a 4 dollar door knob – that turned out to be 14K gold!
  • How he went to debtor’s anonymous
  • What we can learn from Richest Man in Babylon
  • Why he was a self-debtor and what a self-debtor is.
  • What is a 10% self-tithing (thinking Richest Man in Babylon)
  • Why a lack of money isn’t a money issue, and why it’s instead your point of view
  • What happens to lottery winners after 5 years
  • Why the self-help goal is to be able to choose what you’d like
  • What’s a 10 second exercise to help choose the rest of your life
  • What do you do if you’re deeply in debt?
  • Why credit does not equal money
  • Why Australia has such a different view of debt (and how Australia was a debtor’s prison)
  • What’s the difference between credit-worthiness and cash-worthiness
  • Why you want to love money enough to roll naked in it
  • Why it’s not the love of money that’s evil, but the need for money
  • How do we heal our relationship with money?
  • How to teach your kids about money
  • Why it’s important to get away from ‘I want’
  • What’s the ‘I don’t want money’ exercise?
  • What happened with Dain Heer and Big Red gum?
  • How to manifest, and what manifestation actually is – and how it’s a spiritual act.
  • How to actualize something to show up (a little different law of attraction terminology)
  • What’s the importance of the question ‘what’s right about this I’m not getting?’
  • What is being in acceptance vs. allowance?
  • How to be greater today than you were yesterday
  • How do we let go of the ‘butta’s’ in life?
  • Word’s you want to eliminate from your vocabulary in life
  • How do we learn how to receive?
  • What the monk Ahahn Brahm says about receiving
  • How do you celebrate the abundance we already have
  • What happened after he got divorced
  • What’s the physical and spiritual power of carrying cash with you for abundance and wealth making?
  • Go to or
  • What’s the power of laughter?
  • How to allow yourself to have money

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