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INSPIRE #271: How to Profit from Happiness (Jake Ducey)

Jake Ducey Millennial Inspirational Author Shares How to Find Greater Happiness in Your Career, Business & In Life While Sparking Joy in Others!

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If you’ve ever wanted to be wealthier, happier, or more satisfied at your work, or even have all three at the same time, then do we have the profit making show for you!

Today I’ll be talking with Jake Ducey, a repeat guest and 3 time inspirational author of Into the Wind, the Purpose Principles and his latest book, which I think is by far his best of many, many to come, Profit from Happiness: The Unity of Wealth, Work, and Personal Fulfillment.

Today we’ll talk about becoming an everyday hero, or having work, wealth, and personal fulfillment while helping others around you to shien bright.

That plus we’ll talk about a pale blue dot, why Steve Jobs was wrong, and what in the world’s a scurvy elephant?

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Jake Ducey is 3X inspirational author with Penguin/Random-House and just came off an international book tour where he spoke on stages to 500,000 people and helped raised 345,000 pounds of food for homeless youth in America. In Fall 2016 he’ll do a 10 country tour running his weekend seminar. His new book PROFIT FROM HAPPINESS, about how to increase your income and fulfillment, is out June 7th, 2016.


Jake Ducey Online: Website | Facebook | Twitter

Key Topics:

  • How to be wealthier, happier, and more satisfied at your work – profit making show!
  • 3 times inspirational Author Into the Wind, The Purpose Principles
  • What’s a scurvy elephant and what it has to do with Dr. Wayne Dyer
  • A past interview with Jake Ducey has his full history, but what’s Jake Ducey 101
  • What are millennials saying today
  • Why this system is broken (career, life dreams, bells and whistles)
  • What we can learn from Mother Theresa
  • Why presence is so incredibly important
  • And what’s so important in your career
  • What’s the importance or value in the “blah-blah-blah”
  • What’s the law of compensation
  • Why you want to be a giver (like John David Mann’s Go-Giver)
  • Why 2 million people have left the careers and jobs
  • How to find your value in your job
  • What is business vs. happiness?
  • Why Jake had to write a chapter on smiling
  • A smile challenge for everyone
  • The importance of asking ‘how can I spark joy’?
  • What’s it mean from Martin Luther King to ‘lend an ear’
  • What’s the essence of presence or mindful presence
  • Why we don’t want to take anything personally (Don Miguel Ruiz)
  • What’s it mean to stay open and vulnerable?
  • Why if you’re thinking about quitting you’re playing too small.
  • What’s a pain of the heart
  • What does a ‘pale blue dot’ have to do with anything (from Carl Sagan)

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