A New Day, A New Year, A New You – Happy Solstice!

Hi Everyone,

I must admit, with the cold, dreary overcast skies, today is just about my favorite time of year.

It’s not the sunless days. Nor the heavy, biting cold. But it’s the tilt of our giant spaceship, hurtling round the sun.

For as I write this, we’re a mere 16 hours before magic time. In terms of a year, we’re a fraction of 1 percent away, and the party’s already begun. For the last 180 or more days the earth has been tilting, away from the sun in the north, and toward the sun in the south…and now the quantum forces of physics have kicked in, and have slowed that tilt to a crawl, or one could say, the bunjee cord has been stretched to its limits.

In 16 hours the earth with STAND STILL…take a deep, collective breath, and begin wobbling in the opposite directions. Millions and millions of tons of earth with come to a hault, and make a giant u-turn.Winter Solstice America

From a spiritual significance this is huge. From an astrological one, perhaps even more so, though that’s not my expertise.

I view solstice as a time of amazing change, rebirth and new beginnings. It’s a time to make prayers, a time to crack out a vision board, and just as the earth does, a time to take pause, to take stock, and then shift gears and head into the future.

What a magic time it is!

Today Jessica and I will light candles and imprint into this day what we hope for, for the future…things we’d like to see happen over the next ½ year or year…in the north, it really feels like the start of a new year, the true Earth start of the New Year.

We won’t be too particular, for we know Universe, Source, or God (whatever you call him, her or the quantum field of our existence) but we will do our best to get in alignment, allow, and put our wishes out there.

I send everyone a beautiful, magical, solstice-filled day ahead, for tomorrow is not just a new day, but an incredible new beginning.

So what do you wish to see happen in the New Earth New Year???

I send peace. I send love. And many, many blessings your way.

Namaste and Happy Earth New Year!!!!!