INSPIRE #488: HOW TO BE HAPPIER!!! + Meditation

Tal Ben-Shahar On How to Be Happier & Lead a More Meaningful Life! + Guided Meditation!





If you’ve ever wanted to get happier, be happier, or find more happiness in your life, then do we have the Happier: Learn the Secrets to Daily Joy and Lasting Fulfillment show for you.

Today I’ll be talking with Tal Ben-Shahar former Harvard Professor and one of the leading Happiness experts in the world. He’s also the author of several fantastic books on Happiness including Choose the Life You Want: The Mindful Way to Happiness, and Happier: Learn the Secrets to Daily Joy and Lasting Fulfillment.

And that’s just what I’ll be talking with him about today, about how to live a richer, happier life.

That plus we’ll talk about winning the lottery, life lessons from squash, lifelines vs. timeliness, why life is too short to be in a hurry, and what in the world’s the hamburger model?

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Tal Ben-Shahar is an author and lecturer.  He taught two of the largest classes in Harvard University’s history, Positive Psychology and The Psychology of Leadership.  Today, Tal consults and lectures around the world to executives in multi-national corporations, the general public, and at-risk populations.  The topics he lectures on include leadership, happiness, education, innovation, ethics, self-esteem, resilience, goal setting, and mindfulness. His books have been translated into more than twenty-five languages, and have appeared on best-sellers lists around the world.

Tal is a serial entrepreneur, and is the co-founder and chief learning officer of The Wholebeing Institute, Potentialife, Maytiv, and Happier.TV.

An avid sportsman, Tal won the U.S. Intercollegiate and Israeli National squash championships.  Today, for exercise, he swims, dances, and practices Yoga.  He obtained his PhD in Organizational Behavior and BA in Philosophy and Psychology from Harvard.

Key Topics:

  • Why is happiness in a pill so dangerous?
  • What did Tal win by winning the National Championships
  • How did Tal begin teaching Positive Psychology at Harvard
  • How’d it become the largest class ever at Harvard
  • What is Happiness?
  • What is the hamburger model?
  • What’s a rat racer and what’s wrong with one?
  • What’s the arrival fallacy?
  • What’s the danger in wanting constant happiness?
  • What does meditation have to do with happiness?
  • What does spirituality have to do with happiness?
  • What is a meaningful life?
  • What’s the importance of having a specific purpose?
  • What does it meant that happiness is the ultimate currency?
  • What did Daniel Khaneman find about wealth and happiness
  • Are we getting happier as a society with each generation?
  • What’s the danger of a desireless state?
  • Does winning the lottery make us happy?
  • How does following our bliss make us happier and more successful?
  • Guided meditation on happiness!


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