CJ Liu & Michael Sandler On How to Laugh at Fear & Leave Anxiety Behind!

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If you’ve ever been anxious, afraid, or concerned, then do we have the fear-reducing show for you!

Today we’ll be talking about all things fear, where it comes from, why it’s hiding, and what to do when it’s about to strike.

That plus we’ll talk about instant manifestation swimming, a gut gone mad, iHeart Radio, and what in the world I’m not ready, has to do with anything!



As an Asian-American with 25 years in Corporate America AND an spiritual explorer, CJ is a bridge between science and spirit,Western and Eastern, as well as logical and intuitive. She seeks out ideas from seemingly opposite sides of an issue to help her audience plug into what’s unfolding on a global scale. From energy healers to surgeons, psychics to psychologists, and vegans to ranchers, her diverse guests reflect her commitment to engage, challenge, entertain and enlighten in every show.


So you’re not a monk, but you still want to live a spiritual life? Then Fire it UP with CJ is the place to go! Yep, no shaved heads or orange garments needed to stay grounded, expand your awareness and be inspired to live your best life. Every week CJ interviews some of the most provocative trailblazers in the fields of spirituality, environment, relationships, and parenting. Gandhi had it right when he said change comes from the inside out. Open your mind, open your heart, and make the world a better place just because you’re in it.

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Key Topics:

  • What happened to CJ that began producing fear
  • How CJ worked to be conscious of the fear and keep from going into a fear place
  • What instant manifestation has to do with fear
  • What wearing black has to do with our emotions
  • What does EFT aka Dawson Church, tapping have to do with fear
  • What does tapping have to do with dropping pain levels
  • What’s the importance of not getting involved in our emotions
  • How our gut works to get our attention
  • Why it’s important to ask if the fear is your emotion, or someone else’s
  • What the Podcast Launch Accelerator has to do with anything
  • Why there’s a time to step forward, without thinking about it
  • What’s the benefit of walking to overcome fear
  • What CJ learned when preparing for her Ted talk
  • What it means to be truly present for an event
  • Sincerity preparation and authenticity and what that has to do with fear
  • Why plateau’s aren’t what they appear to be
  • What’s the importance of just showing up
  • Why what you believe is often exactly what shows up
  • What in the world is a conspiration?
  • What’s the difference between conditional and unconditional love
  • What one thought takes you out of a place of fear
  • What you do when the world is swirling around you
  • What it means to connect with your higher self
  • What community has to do with fear
  • What helping someone has to do with getting you out of fear
  • What’s the power of gratitude to knock out fear
  • What meditation has to do with fear
  • What journaling can do to move you past fear
  • What’s the importance of knowing yourself more and what that means (in meditation or otherwise)
  • What it means to dive deep
  • Why only you can be the expert of you
  • Why you never want to give your power away to anyone (in medicine, in spirituality, or anywhere)

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