CJ Liu & Michael Sandler Share Sleep Strategies for Better Rest & Less Fatigue!

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If you’ve ever struggled with sleep, getting enough sleep, falling asleep, or the incredible desire to sleep, anytime of the day, then do we have the slumbery show for you.

Today we’ll talk about all things sleep, how to get more of it, how to get higher quality sleep, and habits you want to include to help you wake up more refreshed and ready to go in the mornings.

That plus we’ll talk about lake towns, the power of peaceful beaches, synching with the art, and one very good reason you might run like hell, if you’re in the Adirondacks.



As an Asian-American with 25 years in Corporate America AND an spiritual explorer, CJ is a bridge between science and spirit,Western and Eastern, as well as logical and intuitive. She seeks out ideas from seemingly opposite sides of an issue to help her audience plug into what’s unfolding on a global scale. From energy healers to surgeons, psychics to psychologists, and vegans to ranchers, her diverse guests reflect her commitment to engage, challenge, entertain and enlighten in every show.


So you’re not a monk, but you still want to live a spiritual life? Then Fire it UP with CJ is the place to go! Yep, no shaved heads or orange garments needed to stay grounded, expand your awareness and be inspired to live your best life. Every week CJ interviews some of the most provocative trailblazers in the fields of spirituality, environment, relationships, and parenting. Gandhi had it right when he said change comes from the inside out. Open your mind, open your heart, and make the world a better place just because you’re in it.

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Key Topics:

  • What it means to have a career that you love
  • How difficult it is to do sales when it’s not you’re calling
  • What do you do when something is not quite in alignment for yourself?
  • Why we want balloons and flowers in the study
  • Why it’s important to shake things up and get out of our comfort zones
  • Joe Dispenza – why you want to get out of the ordinary into the extra-ordinary
  • What it means to die before you die
  • Why it’s important to experience difference stuff
  • How balancing our lives can help us sleep better
  • Why you want to get your circadian rhythm in sync – and how to do so
  • What you need to do to calm down the ‘monkey mind’.
  • How to move your foreground thoughts to the background
  • Why it’s so important to building a sleep routine
  • What’s the importance of a sleep-nest, and what in the world is one?
  • How to shut down the mind before you go to bed
  • What’s the importance of talking to your unconscious mind before you sleep (hypnotic suggestion)
  • How to use a mantra or hypnotic plant to feel rested and refreshed
  • How Anthony William, Medical Medium has helped both Jessica and Michael
  • How to turn down the volume on your stress
  • How to shut down to recover your mind
  • What is pixel-time, and why it’s so important to step away from the screen
  • What’s the importance of a fitness tracker – and taking 10,000 steps a chair
  • What’s a wobble chair?
  • What’s the benefit of a stand-up desk and a treadmill desk
  • Why Stephen Sashen, Dr. Michael Greger and Ben Greenfield (Ben Greenfield Fitness) all have treadmill disks
  • How mindfulness can help you sleep
  • What’s the power of meditation and mindfulness for sleep
  • What’s the meditation benefit of knowing your mind is running amuck

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