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Robert Reeves Shares Flower Power Guidance to Increase Health, Happiness & Abundance! + Guided Meditation!

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If you’ve ever wanted to feel better, have more happiness, joy and inspiration in your life, then do we have the flower-power show for you!

Today I’ll be talking with Robert Reeves, best-selling author and naturopath who holds a strong connection to angels and the natural world. And along with Doreen Virtue, he’s the co-creator of Flower Therapy Oracle Cards: A 44-Card Deck and Guidebook and a beautiful book on flowers, Flower Therapy: Welcome the Angels of Nature into Your Life.

And that’s just what we’ll be talking about today, how flowers can help us feel better, overcome challenges, heal from illness, and even be law of attraction magnets for our desires.

That plus we’ll talk about roses, eucalyptus, the power of sweet pea, why you want to be careful with grevillia, what in the world is pig face, why we all want to try aura stroking…no, it’s not what you think.

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Robert Reeves, N.D., is an accredited naturopath, and best-selling author, who blends his herbal medicine and nutrition training with his psychic and mediumship abilities. He has a strong connection to the angels and to the natural world, believing that nature holds Divine healing properties. Robert feels we can all benefit from living a more natural life.

Robert gives self-help and spiritual-development workshops (both in person and online), writes magazine articles, and has been featured on international radio programs. He owns and runs a successful natural-therapies clinic in Australia, which he began when he was 17 years old. He has also developed a range of vibrational essences that focus on crystal and angel energy.

Robert is the author of Flower Therapy, the Flower Therapy Oracle Cards, and Angel Detox, with Doreen Virtue.


Robert Reeves Online: Website | Facebook | Twitter Blog

Key Topics:

  • Robert Reeves and Doreen Virtue Flower Therapy and Flower Cards
  • What’s going on with the weather down-under right now.
  • How the fairies and angels help him with our gardening
  • How 10 minutes outside can make a big difference
  • How Pine helps us
  • How flowers can get your back
  • Is it okay to work with cut flowers?
  • Why tulips are so good for us
  • Why it’s so powerful to ask for help and guidance from nature
  • What to do to protect your energy from others
  • How parents can benefit from this, people in office environments, and even our friends.
  • How flower photos can help
  • What is aura stroking
  • Why Robert is obsessed with white roses
  • Why lavender may or may not be the answer
  • Why german chamomile is such a powerful, calming oil
  • How do we choose flowers (or let them choose us)
  • How to ask if you can cut a flower
  • How to cut the flower without harming the plant
  • What is flower-cutting 101
  • How do we keep the flowers from wilting?
  • Why you don’t want to use the sugar that comes from the florist on your flowers
  • Healing methods with flowers
  • What’s the single flower method?
  • How we can use the law of attraction for manifestation with our flowers
  • Why you can use the law of attraction with seeds (by setting intention)
  • What’s the power of a flower therapy garden?
  • How to use flowers for a house chakra cleansing
  • Different flowers and how they can help
  • Why a white rose is great for stuck energy
  • What is calendula and how it can help
  • How marigold can help
  • What flower can help us have more energy
  • How the sunflower can help
  • What flower helps with anxiety
  • How lavender and daisies can help
  • What flowers can help with our pets
  • What flower helps with keeping pets calm
  • Why you want to be careful with grevilia
  • What flower helps with pregnancy
  • A flower that brings families together
  • What flower is best for confidence
  • What flower for abundance and manifestation
  • What’s the benefit of clover
  • What flower is great for romance
  • What carnations are great for (and what’s the added benefit of carnations!)
  • What flower is best for happiness and positivity?
  • What flowers can help with the third eye
  • What the lotus can help with?
  • What the bird of paradise can help with?
  • What’s the benefit of cactus and cactus flowers?
  • A flower power guided meditation and prayer

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