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INSPIRE #306: How to Return to Perfect Health!

Jessica Lee Shares The Power of Smile for Happiness, Well-Being & Success. Be a Law of Attraction Magnet!

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If you’ve ever wanted to comeback from injury, illness, or way too much time off, then do we have the health-provoking show for you.

Today I’ll be talking with Jessica Lee, my ever-chipper loving-wife, and co-host and producer of Inspire Nation.

She’s been recovering from serious illness and today will share what she’s done to come back flying!

That plus we’ll talk about running in the heat, getting strong, running fast, and why in the world pull-ups are so cool.

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Key Topics:

  • How Jessica got sick with mold toxicity poisoning
  • How a Dave Asprey documentary helped with healing
  • How Jessica got cleaner air but killed the air conditioner
  • How the dehumidifier helped with her health
  • How Dr. Carolyn Dean, author of The Magnesium Miracle
  • What was the decision that helped her to heal.
  • Why Jessica’s perfectionism was hurting her health
  • Why a mental shift was so important
  • Why she was working so hard to find out what made her heart sing.
  • What was the importance of garden therapy (and how can art and creativity help you heal)?
  • How a part-time job outside helped Jessica to heal
  • Why being out and with people was so exciting and so healing
  • What Barbara Brendan Hagerty, author of Life Reimagined, has to say about healing.
  • How empathy was helping Jessica
  • And how stocking shelves, was helping Jessica to get strong, and flexible!
  • What in the world is tandem therapy and how did a tandem help?
  • Why Dr. Joe Vitale says when impulse strikes you should take action right away.
  • How EFT or tapping helped the body heal and stay out of a place of panic
  • Why it’s so important to recruit help
  • How Jessica’s been working to stamp out the last bit of workaholicism that’s inside of her
  • What’s the importance of napping and why google gets it (and even has napping stations!)
  • What was the amazing advice from Anthony William, Medical Medium
  • How a past-life regression helped Jessica
  • What’s in our magical morning Anthony William, Medical Medium inspired smoothie
  • Plus what Robert Reeves recommended for our green smoothie
  • How we started going to the gym, and what happened from that
  • How green smoothies helped Jessica’s mom and Michael Sandler to heal from borderline diabetes or pre-diabetes
  • How weight training and weight lifting is brain training
  • What’s the importance of a strong core – particularly for running and preventing stitches
  • What is running proud
  • Why quitting doesn’t make you week
  • Why she’ll never plan on running an ultra
  • How her posture has changed and the presence and mindfulness she’s brought to her posture

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