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INSPIRE #280: How to Rediscover Happiness

Jessica Lee, Michael Sandler’s wife & producer of Inspire Nation, shares how to rebuild your life, overcome major illness & re-discover happiness & health.

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Have you ever wanted to comeback from injury, illness, setback, a lost job, lost path, or anything else, and find greater happiness in your life? Well if so, then do we have the inspiring show for you.

Today I’ll be talking with Jessica Lee, my loving wife, producer of the show, and co-host of Inspire Nation, about her journey back to perfect health & happiness, and finding her voice, with creativity, strength and speed.

That plus we’ll talk about the cat-naps, pull-ups, homemade ‘ice-cream’, cute and fuzzy mice, a rabbit named herman, the power of gardening, bucket lists and arm wrestling, and what a little Suzuki cross-over that could, has to do with anything.

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Key Topics:

  • How to run with grace and ease
  • How she began her journey back from Mold Toxicity Syndrome
  • What is VOG?
  • The importance of surrender and completely letting go of everything to return to health and happiness. 
  • How Jessica Lee went from being an over-achieve to having to let go
  • Why you need to put your health (and later fitness) first.
  • How Dave Asprey’s documentary ‘Moldy’ helped.
  • How Jessica made a decision to live
  • How Jessica got to ‘go down’ in a ‘gentle and easy way’ without the 2×4
  • How she made a conscious decision that she wanted to get better
  • How she made a decision to stick around for the cats
  • How various guests on Inspire Nation including happiness experts Shawn Achor, Michele Gielan, and self-help expert Hal Elrod helped her to start journaling.
  • How Jessica started a gratitude journal
  • What does it mean to have to use effort to be happy – aka how to move past depression or a depressed or angry mindset (meditation and mindfulness)
  • How she started a gratitude journal
  • How gardening has been her creative outlet
  • How Jessica’s getting her car back on the road
  • Why taking care of yourself is not a ‘I’ll get to it when I have time’.
  • What’s the power of acceptance
  • What was Jessica’s break-through moment earlier this week
  • What she learned while editing Lisa Nichol’s interview.
  • What are bug inches?

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