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INSPIRE #299: How to Boost Your Confidence & Happiness Today!

Jessica Lee Shares The Power of Smile for Happiness, Well-Being & Success. Be a Law of Attraction Magnet!

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Hi Everyone, welcome back! I’m Jessica Lee, your occasional co-host on Inspire Nation.

If you’re wanting to get ahead, start a business, branch out, try something new, have an adventure or simply take your life to a new level then do we have the show for you!

Today I’ll be talking with my ever-positive co-host and husband Michael Sandler about building confidence and inner-strength for the new year.

We’ll talk about where confidence comes from, how you can get it (hint, it’s not at your local grocery store), how to grow more of it, and then how to put it to use!

That plus why you don’t need all the pieces of your knees, pedaling a bicycle with your teeth, and how anything’s possible, if you don’t know any better, kind of like Forest Gump!

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Key Topics:

  • Why Forest Gump Rocked
  • How Michael’s early experiences shaped his confidence
  • How visualization helps build confidence.
  • How overextending oneself might build more confidence
  • What the importance is of putting yourself out there
  • What’s the magic intersection of confidence?
  • The importance of loving yourself on your path, wherever you are.
  • What different strengths factor into your confidence?
  • How does physical strength help confidence?
  • How to rewire your brain for happiness?
  • The importance of meditation in confidence.
  • What is an influencer strength and why is it important?
  • What the importance is of brainwashing yourself?
  • The importance of integrity for confidence
  • Why Jessica sets intentions each morning, and why we need to be flexible.
  • The importance in loving yourself.
  • What is social strength?
  • What is problem-solving strength?
  • How each challenge can be educational and beneficial.
  • The importance of failing and failing fast
  • What is the fun factor strength?
  • What’s an inner knowing
  • What’s The Inspire Nation Club?
  • What’s a Million Dollar Demo?
  • The importance of fast feedback (and feedback from you, our Inspire Nation Audience)
  • Visit our and leave your feedback.
  • Where are our Inspire Nation Show meditations?

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