INSPIRE #139: Secrets to Passive Income, Building Freedom & Doing More with Less Time!

Steve Scott, One of Amazon’s Top Self-Publishing Kindle Authors, Shares Secrets to Building Passive Income & Writing Books on 1 Hour A Day! Plus Key Time Management & Habit Building Tips to Do More with Less Time!

Listen to the podcast below!



If you’ve ever wanted to generate side-income, independent income, or passive income (yes, that means make money while you sleep) to simply re-organize your day to get the things done that are meaningful for you, in essence, if you want to find freedom in or out of your current job, then do we have the show for you!

Today we’ll be talking with freedom-preneur Steve Scott. I’m not sure he’s ever been called that before, but he’s built a life of freedom for himself, and through his books, show you how you can do it as well. He is the serial author of well over 40 kindles, and makes more money in a month, than many people do in a year.

Equally impressive, he’s found a way to organize his life and his habits, to write almost a book a month!

So today I want to talk about habit forming, passive income and finding freedom. How we build the habits and daily routine that set us free, and ways we can make money on the side, or as main goal, to set ourselves free!



Steve Scott believes in the idea of developing one habit at a time, which is the core philosophy of his blog Develop Good Habits. In addition to experimenting with different habits every month, he writes about his experiences in short, actionable Kindle books. When not working, S.J. likes to read, exercise and explore the different parts of the world.


Steve Scott Online: Website | Facebook | Twitter

Steve’s Podcast:

Key Topics:

  • When and where Steve gets his best ideas.
  • How Steve got into writing kindles
  • What’s the SMP and 4CC for the day.
  • The importance of an evening routine.
  • The importance of letting high level tasks go in the evening and switching to low level tasks
  • How Steve’s working to find balance, and a major change that’s occurring in Steve’s life.
  • The importance of outsourcing when you can.
  • Why you need to outsource everything that’s not in the 20% that’s making you money
  • How Steve uses a virtual assistant to help him maximize his time (from
  • Why Steve’s not good at paralysis by analysis
  • Steve takes a ready-fire-aim approach
  • Why failing and failing fast is okay in business and in life
  • Why small steps make incredible moves forward
  • How Steve has written 63-64 different books on Amazon.
  • How Steve writes only 30 minutes to an hour a day.
  • Why it’s so important never to break the chain
  • What is Steve’s work flow to write a book
  • Believer in David Allen Getting Things Done Process Flow
  • How to Write a Book in 21 Days and Writing Habit Mastery – two older books on writing books that Steve has.
  • At (he always creates simple, easy-to-remember url’s)
  • The importance of a morning routine
  • How Steve uses the Pomodor technique for time-management
  • And how he tracks pomodors.
  • Why the New Year’s resolution model is broken, but what does work to make changes.
  • Willpower theory from Ballmeister
  • The importance of stupidly simple objectives or mini-habits
  • How to build passive income
  • The importance of parkinson’s law.
  • Why he’s bullish about Youtube
  • Why we both believe Meerkat or Periscope may become huge.
  • Key habits to transform your day
  • Why Steve believes in the simple little things that you do.
  • Why Michael loves Habit Stacker
  • Why you should write nice-loving notes for your partner every-single-day.
  • The importance of doing Michael’s ‘Constanza Effect’.
  • What you should do with your most important things.
  • Key habits you need to do.
  • Why Dean Karnazes Ultra Marathon Man is so inspiring, and why you should check out his Inspire Nation Interview
  • How Steve has tried to balance work and other priorities rather than drive himself into the ground
  • The importance of focusing on one new habit at a time.


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