INSPIRE #140: How to Upgrade Your Brain for Greater Success, Happiness, Health & Well-Being

Marcus Conyers, Brain Researcher & Author of Over 20 Books On the Mind Shares Secrets, Tips & Techniques to Upgrade Your Brain, Strengthen the Mind & Get Smarter, Faster, Stronger & Sharper At Any Age

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If you’ve ever wanted a positively sharper, smarter mind, with better resilience, retention, focus, and creativity, then do we have the show for you!

Today we’ll be talking with brain expert and researcher, Marcus Conyers, the best-selling author of Positively Smarter: Science and Strategies for Increasing Happiness, Achievement, and Well-Being.

Today we’ll shatter some myths and talk about what they said couldn’t be done… raising our IQ, changing our minds, strengthening our brains, and even learning new tricks, at any time, at any age, and with any genetics.

In short, we’ll talk about building a better brain.

That plus we’ll talk about London Cabbies, running marathons, lifting weights, and how old birds learn new tricks!



Marcus Conyers is an author of several books including the Wiley best seller, Positively Smarter: Science and Strategies for Increasing Happiness, Achievement, and Well-being. He is a doctoral researcher with the University of Westminster where his focus is on applications of mind, brain, and education science and on strategies for improving subjective well-being. Research for his MSc focused on cardiovascular health promotion through social marketing. Marcus serves as Director of Communications for the Center of Innovative Education and Prevention whose mission is on empowering potential across the lifespan. Marcus is an international keynote speaker who has worked in 30 countries world-wide. Marcus is the developer of the Positively Smarter program for increasing happiness achievement and well-being.


Marcus Conyers Online: Website

Key Topics:

  • How Marcus did The Cambridge Bumps
  • How your exercise and brain strength as a child dramatically affect your brain in later life.
  • The reason Dr. Crowley from Younger Next Year suggests becoming a full-time athlete once you hit 65.
  • Why there’s something special about rallying to help others.
  • How you can train your brain to be better at any age.
  • What happens to your brain as you get older?
  • What the science behind human potential is
  • What happened in a study with 70/80/90 year olds with weight-lifting
  • Why you’re as old as you think you are and as old as you behave.
  • What is the Innate Talent Paradigm?
  • In essence who told us what we can’t do anymore?
  • Why you’re not your DNA
  • What happened with Marcus’s mom at 78?
  • Is there a limit to how much we can change our brains?\
  • Why we need to let go of our theoretical genetic limitations
  • The power of epigenetics – Dr. Dawson Church’s Genie in Your Genes, and his recent interview
  • Why volunteering if you’re feeling stuck – helping someone else, will help you inherently light up
  • Why the act of trying is so important for the brain
  • What are cognitive assets?
  • What is practical metacognition?
  • For students why the #1 indicator of whether students will do well is metacognition.
  • What does positivity have to do with the brain?
  • Why you can’t be in the flow when you’re in a negative place.  
  • What’s the Wow of Now and why we should write them down whenever we find them.
  • Why exercise is so important for the brain
  • Why Marcus is always talking about the body-brain system and what it means.
  • What to do to stimulate the brain if you don’t ‘have time’ for exercise
  • How exercise can give you more energy afterwards – training body-brain system for greater cognitive endurance.
  • What exercise is best for the brain?
  • Why new muscle is young muscle?
  • Why creating muscle is flipping the on-switch of you.
  • Why women need to do strength training
  • How lifting weights can be a spiritual experience or help you be more spiritual.
  • How diet plays a role in the body-brain system.
  • Why it’s so important to get kids outside.


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