INSPIRE #138: How to Discover Your Warrior Spirit & Live the Peaceful Warrior Way!

The Peaceful Warrior’s Dan Millman Teaches How to Live Like A Peaceful Warrior, Discover the 4 Purposes of Life, & Find Meaning & Direction in Your Changing World!

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If you’re looking for meaning or purpose in life, guidance and direction, or were simply touched by the book or movie The Way of the Peaceful Warrior and want to find out more, then do we have the show for you!

Today we’ll be interviewing one of the most influential human potential authors of our time, Dan Millman, the run-away best-selling author of the book and movie The Way of the Peaceful Warrior along with more than a dozen more, and his most recent book, The Four Purposes of Life – Finding Meaning and Direction in a Changing World

Today we’ll talk about Learning Life’s Lessons, Finding Your Career and Calling, Discovering Your Life Path, and Attending to the Arising Moment.

In short, we’ll learn how to become Peaceful Warriors and discover our path.

That plus we’ll talk about Zen Sword Masters, 16 years to an overnight success, what we can learn from snood, and what in the world is unreasonable happiness?



Dan Millman, a former world champion athlete, coach, martial arts instructor, and college professor, is author of Way of the Peaceful Warrior (adapted to film in 2006), and numerous other books read by millions of people in 29 languages. Dan teaches worldwide and has influenced people from all walks of life, including leaders in the fields of health, psychology, education, business, politics, sports, entertainment and the arts. Dan and his wife, Joy, live in Northern California. His most recent book is The Four Purposes of Life.

Dan’s website – — features a link to the “Life Purpose Calculator,” and to online courses and other resources.


Dan Millman Online: Website | Facebook | Twitter

Key Topics:

  • Why The Way of the Peaceful Warrior once went out of print.
  • How Dan Millman used Picasso’s line: “art is a lie that helps us to see the truth”
  • Why doing cartwheels and somersaults doesn’t help you much on a date.
  • Why it’s the journey, not the destination, and what happens without a destination
  • What’s the definition of success
  • What is the importance of presence, mindfulness (and meditation)?
  • What’s the importance of a meaningful goal
  • Why the importance is NOT the specific goal, but the life lived on the way toward that goal.
  • Why the goal of life is not happiness à and what it REALLY is.
  • Why the earth is a divine school.
  • Why we repeat lessons if we don’t learn them
  • What are the four purposes (like the directions of a compass) of life?
  • What’s the difference between self-worth and self-esteem, and why self-worth is so important.
  • The importance of “How Good Can I Stand It Today!”
  • The importance of reclaiming our will.
  • How to take what we actually know and turn it into action.
  • What it’s important to do after you dream big.
  • Several of Dan’s books including: “Everyday Enlightenment”and “No Ordinary Moments”
  • Why he wrote 4 Purposes of Life.
  • Understanding the difference between career and calling
  • Why self-knowledge is so important
  • How this affects us and our life path: The difference between what we want to do and what we THINK we should do.
  • Why Dan liked girls who didn’t like Dan.
  • What’s the trinity of needs and why it’s so important
  • What is time-travelling with your subconscious mind or time-lining, and why it’s so helpful for decision making.
  • Dan Millman goes through timelining with us.
  • Who was MB?
  • What are the final two books Dan Millman is writing?
  • Who are the four primary mentors of Dan Millman?
  • What a life purpose calculator is and how to use it.
  • How to determine the core purposes of your life
  • What’s the most important lesson Dan Millman wants us to get.
  • Why we shouldn’t second-guess or doubt ourselves
  • What is the warrior spirit?
  • Why being a warrior is not (necessarily) about fighting.
  • What the game of snood has to do with life.
  • What Zorba the Greek has to do with anything.

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