If you’ve ever wanted more peace and less conflict in your life, then do we have the How to Love the Haters, Everything is Here to Help You show for you.

Today I’ll be speaking again with Matt Kahn, one of my all-time favorite spiritual teachers and authors, and author of “Whatever Arises, Love That” and “Everything is Here to Help You!”

And that’s just what I want to talk with him about today, why everything is here to help you, even the haters and challenging people in our lives.





Matt Kahn is an author, spiritual teacher, and highly-attuned empathic healer. His spontaneous awakening arose out of an out-of-body experience at the age of 8 and through his direct experiences with Ascended Masters and Archangels throughout his life. Using his intuitive abilities of seeing, hearing, feeling, and direct knowing, as an empath, Matt feels the emotions of others and is able to pinpoint what blocks any heart from opening. As a result, he brings forth revolutionary teachings through both the written and spoken word that assist energetically-sensitive beings in healing the body, awakening the soul, and transforming reality through the power of love. He is a bridge between the mystical realms and the path of awakening who inspires profound spiritual growth and life-changing energetic expansion to audiences worldwide through a spoken transmission of presence. Through the words Matt is intuitively guided to share, an energy shift occurs to balance the right and left hemispheres of the brain, rewrite the subconscious mind, and unravel the overstimulated nervous system. The result of this transmission ranges from a more balanced emotional body, the elimination of stress, fear, doubt, and despair, greater connection with the Universe, the activation of intuitive gifts, spontaneous remission, deeper intimacy in relationships, as well as direct experiences of self-realization. Many spiritual seekers have experienced amazing, unexplainable physical and emotional healings, and have awakened to their true nature through Matt’s profound and loving teachings and transmission of sacred heart wisdom.


Matt Kahn Online: Website | Facebook | YouTube | Instagram

Key Topics:

  • Why do spiritual people get sick?
  • What’s a spiritual vaccination?
  • What does it mean to welcome in the newly-expanded selves?
  • Who are the haters?
  • Why do they lash out at others?
  • What’s a new level of understanding or reframing of our internal fires?
  • What does it mean when we’re spiraling upwards?
  • What is the upward expression of our repressed energy?
  • Why is lashing out really an attack on one’s inner world?
  • What does it mean to be stuck in one’s shadow?
  • What is happening when we are attacked by a hater?
  • What is going on inside of a hater when they are attacking?
  • What does it mean to perceive someone as outside of their comfort zone?
  • What’s the persecution of a threatened heart?
  • Why do we want to love up the haters?
  • What can we learn about those who want to control and dominate others?
  • Why is getting our way not the way to make ourselves happy?
  • What is object consciousness and how can we move past this?
  • How can we send others love?
  • How can we turn the love inward toward ourselves?
  • How can we handle the haters at work?
  • How can we handle the haters in our family?
  • What can we do for our kids when there are bullies???
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