If you’ve ever wanted to overcome your obstacles, for profound life change, then do we have the Positively Unstoppable show for you.

Today I’ll be talking with Diamond Dallas Page, retired pro-wrestling champion, WWE hall of famer, and author of a brilliant book for changing your life, Positively Unstoppable.

And that’s just what I want to talk with him about today, the art of owning it for powerful life change.





Film and television actor and personality Dallas Page has been entertaining millions of fans for over 20 years. The athletic 52 year-old Page knew at an early age that he was born to entertain. His grandmother called him “energetic”—truly an understatement. Whether it was barreling through his grandma’s kitchen on his tricycle, swinging from chandeliers at the babysitter’s house, or cannonballs at neighborhood pool parties, Page knew how to grab an audience and have them eat out of the palm of his hand.

With his size, strength, and natural ability, Page excelled in multiple sports in high school and college. After college, Dallas Page followed his calling to entertain, entering the nightclub business and quickly establishing himself as one of the south’s leading club owners and promoters. But he still had the pro wrestling “itch.” On a whim, Page sent a tape to the AWA (American Wrestling Alliance), one of the country’s premiere professional wrestling organizations. The AWA promoters immediately offered Page a contract to “manage” their top stars by escorting and doing all of the ‘over-the-top’ talking. With his long, curly hair, conceited manner, and ever present “Diamond Dolls,” “Diamond” Dallas Page was a natural at working the crowd into a frenzy and he became the man fans loved to hate.

Word of Page’s talent began to spread throughout the wrestling establishment. Unlike most wrestling managers that could only talk a good game, Page had the size and athleticism to go with it. Established superstars such as Dusty Rhodes and Magnum, T.A. convinced Page to expand his role and learn to be a complete wrestler. At age 35, Page entered the fabled WCW “Power Plant” and soon after became the oldest rookie in pro-wrestling history.

Page’s incredible work ethic, training regimen, and preventative maintenance, along with unmatched personal focus and determination, enabled him to battle the hands of time and stay healthy enough to wrestle men half his age for years to come. His uncanny ability to create and re-create his character propelled him to national notoriety and made him one of the hottest merchandising commodities in professional wrestling, first for WCW, then the WWF, which now have merged to become the WWE.

During Page’s fourteen-year pro-wrestling career, he captivated audiences and became a three-time world champion. His matches with wrestling legends such as Hulk Hogan, Randy “Macho Man” Savage, and Bill Goldberg have become legendary. And as networks, actors, and professional athletes became more interested in the fan base and ratings that professional wrestling was attracting, Diamond Dallas Page became the unlikely tag team partner of late-night talk show host Jay Leno, basketball great Karl Malone, and movie star David Arquette. Pay-per-view and charity match appearances versus Hogan and perennial “bad boy” Dennis Rodman are memorable to both fans and non-fans alike.

Throughout Page’s wrestling career, Hollywood has recognized his ability to be more than just a pro-wrestling icon. Never one to settle for just being “good enough,” Page sought out renowned acting coach and theatre director Howard Fine in order to hone his acting skills. “Diamond Dallas Page is one of the most fearless and intense actors that I have ever taught,” said Fine, whose list of acting students includes Brad Pitt, Michael Chiklis and Salma Hayek. “He throws himself into every performance and never fails to compel attention. He can play a wide range of characters and is actually quite adept at comedy but give him a psychotic killer to play and you can expect fireworks.” Page easily bridged the gap between sports entertainment wrestling and mainstream entertainment, starring in feature films including director Rob Zombie’s, The Devil’s Rejects. “DDP is a true professional.He is as dedicated in the acting ring as he is in the wrestling ring,” said Zombie. Page’s other film roles include Driftwood, Ready to Rumble, First Daughter, Rat Race, Splinter and Snoop Dogg’s Hood of Horrors. Page’s television credits include The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Hollywood Squares, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, Live with Regis and Kathie Lee / Kelly, and The Best Damn Sports Show.

In addition to acting, Page is the co-developer of DDP YOGA, a revolutionary fitness program that takes the principles of yoga and supercharges them with old school calisthenics, core stability training, and isometric and dynamic resistance training to give an intense, complete body workout. Page also conducts inspirational seminars in the corporate and educational environment, guiding audiences through branding and goal-setting using his own formulas and self-taught techniques. Page regularly visits the troops in Iraq, as well as boys and girls clubs and youth sports camps throughout the U.S., giving inspirational speeches and DDP YOGA demonstrations. In 1999 he published his autobiography: Positively Page: The Diamond Dallas Page Story. His second book, YRG: Yoga for Regular Guys, was published November 2005.


Diamond Dallas Page Online: Website| Website| Facebook| Twitter| Youtube

Key Topics:

  • How was it for Diamond Dallas growing up in an usual household?
  • What was it like for him with ADD and dyslexia?
  • How did he end up getting into pro-wrestling?
  • How did his mentor Dusty challenge him, and what does it mean for us?
  • How did he end up winning a world-championship?
  • What happened with 335 pound Kevin Nash and how did Diamond Dallas end up exploding his back?
  • What do we do well other tell us we can’t or we won’t?
  • How did he learn to let go of other people’s diagnosis and step back into his power?
  • How did his wife get him into yoga and what is dynamic resistance?
  • Who is Jake the Snake and what is “The Resurrection of Jake the Snake”
  • How do we help people who don’t have any fight in them?
  • What’s the importance of the question “What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?”
  • What does it mean that repetition is the mother of learning?
  • What can we learn from Diamond Dallas working with Carnie Wilson of Wilson Phillips?
  • What does it mean that life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it?
  • What’s it mean to get honest with yourself???
  • Who is Arthur Boorman (of the viral video “Never, Ever Give Up”?) and how did Diamond Dallas help him?
  • How do we step back in our power, no matter what?
  • What’s the importance of surrounding yourself with a positive team???
  • What is DDPY Yoga?
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