How to be a Peaceful Warrior & Do Amazing Things

How to be a Peaceful Warrior & Succeed in All You Do – Lisa Smith-Batchen, Badwater Ultra Running Champion, Depression Survivor, Humanitarian & Ultra Endurance Coach

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Be motivated and inspired with this incredible interview with an ultra-running legend. Lisa Smith-Batchen has done the Badwater Quad. That’s the Out and Back and Out and Back again, in temperatures averaging 128 degrees…and she did it all to raise money for well’s in Africa. She’s a hero or better yet, a Peaceful Warrior.

Prepare to be fired up about life, about chasing your dreams, and if you’re a runner, about running too!

And if you’ve ever struggled with depression, anxiety, or a mental-illness, this may just be the inspirational, life-changing talk you’ve been looking for!


Key Topics:

  • Never believe the no’s, like her high school coach who said she couldn’t run
  • When and Why “No” may mean “Yes”
  • How to Protect and Encourage your Self-Esteem and Self-Esteem of a child!
  • Hot to shine at any sport – and why whether you’re first or last, it doesn’t matter!
  • Competing from the heart vs. competing from the ego
  • A healthy ego vs. unhealthy ego
  • Diet, training tips, and the dangers of n-saids
  • Mental Illness, Depression, medication, and how running saved Lisa’s Life
    • Inspiring, life-changing words for those with depression!
  • George Mumford, Michael Jordan’s Mindfulness coach, and which wolf would you feed?
  • How we can use our gifts to help others
  • Natural Ways to Overcome Inflammation
  • What’s nutritional magic, and where can you get some?
  • Mindfulness
  • What it means to be a Peaceful Warrior


World-class endurance athlete and ultrarunner, Lisa Smith-Batchen has competed in countless races around the world. She is the only American to have won the Marathon des Sables in the Sahara. She has completed Badwater nine times, including a double crossing, and has won the race twice. Last summer, Lisa Smith-Batchen became the first person to run 50 miles in each of the 50 states to raise money for orphans. Co-owner and founder of the Dreamchasers Foundation, she and her husband Jay Batchen offer personalized training and camps to help other athletes achieve their goals. 100% of the proceeds go to the Dreamchasers Foundation and to Aids Orphans Rising. To make a donation click here: DONATIONS


Lisa Smith-Batchen Online: Website | Facebook | Twitter

Running Hope Through America

Dreamchaser Events: public speaking, classes, camps, online coaching


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