How to Have Success & Happiness as an Introvert Entrepreneur

Create Success & Happiness on Your Own Terms with Beth Buelow, the author of The Introvert Entrepreneur.

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Do you know what do Bill Gates, Charles Schwab, Warren Buffet, Steven Spielberg, Michael Jordan, Julia Roberts, Facebook’s Mark Zuckenberg, Twitter’s Jack Dorsey, Google’s Larry Page (and maybe even Obama) have in common? They’re all introverts.

And believe it or not, so am I, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

Today we’ll be talking with a very extroverted introvert. Her name is Beth Buelow, she’s a life coach best know as the Introvert Entrepreneur and is the author of Insight: Reflections on the Gifts of Being an Introvert and the forthcoming book The Introvert Entrepreneur: Amplify Your Strengths and Create Success on Your Own Terms.

If you’ve ever wondered how to get ahead when going on the inside is your path, then do we have the show for you!!!

What are key strengths of introverts?

  • Self effacing
  • Self reliant
  • Self possessed
  • Self reflective


Key Topics:

  • what it means to be an introvert and an entrepreneur
  • how to promote yourself on social media when you’d rather not bother
  • how introverts can extrovert
  • how to deal with fear & self-doubt
  • how you can find your voice in a noisy world
  • how to network when you’d rather spend quality time with yourself
  • what to do if you’re not a “salesperson”
  • what it means to call on your village for help
  • how to outsource and expand your business
  • how accelerating failure is a key to success
  • why staying in your comfort zone might be a good idea after all
  • tips for kids who are introverts to empower them for life


Beth Buelow, author, speaker, and certified professional coach, founded The Introvert Entrepreneur to create a safe space where introverts can gain insight, support, and empowerment in a supportive environment designed to help them flourish. Beth helps introverts (and those who live, work, and play with them) understand and appreciate what it means to be an “innie” in an “outtie” world.


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