Life is so much more about perspective than we ever know.

Our minds are nuts. All of us. They are nuts.

We go looking for trouble where there’s none, and we can turn paradise into its alternative, given half the chance.

This morning Jessica and I went out to run the beach.

It was a quiet morning, still slightly overcast – perfect to keep from burning, and I had my Garmin on, excited for a fast long run.

Only thing was, Jessica’s foot began to hurt. Nothing major, but she ever-so-wisely wanted to slow and rest it.

Normally, this would be great, but I had a lot of nervous energy I wanted to get out for a busy day ahead, AND I was super excited to run for the pier…3 + miles away.

This is where it gets interesting.

My mind wanted to go nuts. It wanted to complain, say this isn’t fair, or tell me why it was so dissatisfied it couldn’t get its run.

—I guess it was my inner-child wanting to go awry—

I watched my mind, not so much amused, but I was taking notes!

What was most interesting to me, wasn’t how the mind can hijack paradise and turn it into heck, but how we can regain control & flip things on their head, with a small shift in perspective.

In this case, instead of saying I’m stuck walking at half a mile an hour down a beach when I’d rather run (and yes, I can see the lunacy in it!) I could have painted a completely different story.

What if, heaven-forbid, Jessica was sick, and this was her only chance, or even worse, last chance to visit the beach? Would I be upset I wasn’t running, of course not!

Or if this was the first time seeing her in 6 months, a year, or even longer, would I be upset I had to walk then? No way!

Or if she was moving away, and the last chance to visit the beach for years, would I have even cared whether what we were doing there?

No way!

So it’s only in our minds we make up reasons to get upset, offended, or worse.

And it’s in that same place, we can envision a different scenario or perspective and flip things entirely around.

Now I can’t say I was able to get in a truly joyous place walking, like a puppy eager to fly, there was energy I really did want to burn off!

But I was happy she was kicking about in the water, picking up the occasion shells, and out of my mind woo-hoo-ey (yes, just made that word up) when we walked hand-in-hand off the beach!

So the question is, what is driving you nuts, batty, or out of your mind, that you could repaint with a completely different story or perspective.

Then why not do it now?

There’s no point in making yourself suffer, and you’ll appreciate your own company far more for doing the opposite!

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Paul Selig and his guides share the most beautiful lessons from his amazing new book, The Book of Truth on how to raise our vibrations to the highest level possible!

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I wish you the most beautiful, change-that-perspective afternoon ahead!

And keep shining bright!!!